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    The National Energy Policy Development Group - Energy Task Force

    This falls under "What comes first, the chicken or the egg?"

    Scalia says he's proud he didn't recuse himself in Cheney case


    The West's Battle For Oil - The Energy Task Force
    Document Says Oil Chiefs Met With Cheney Task Force
    U.S. Court Dismisses Cheney Energy Task Force Case
    May 2001 - The National Energy Policy Development Group


    HARTFORD, Conn. -- Conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had some advice Wednesday for those who questioned his impartiality after he refused to recuse himself from a case involving his hunting buddy, Vice President Dick Cheney.

    "For Pete's sake, if you can't trust your Supreme Court justice more than that, get a life," Scalia said.

    Scalia, addressing an audience at the University of Connecticut's law school on Wednesday, said recusing himself from the 2004 case _ which focused on an energy task force that Cheney led _ would only have given fuel to newspaper editorial writers and other detractors who have said he is too close to the vice president.

    "I think the proudest thing I have done on the bench is not allowed myself to be chased off that case," Scalia said.

    The case in question involved Cheney's request to keep private the details of closed-door White House strategy sessions that produced the administration's energy policy.

    The administration fought a lawsuit brought by watchdog and environmental groups that contended that industry executives, including former Enron chairman Ken Lay, helped shape that policy. The Supreme Court upheld the administration position on a 7-2 vote.

    Scalia refused to recuse himself from the case, rejecting arguments by critics who questioned his impartiality because of a hunting vacation that he took with Cheney while the case was pending.

    Scalia told the audience Wednesday that he would have stepped aside had the case involved Cheney personally, but that he viewed it differently because the vice president was named in his official capacity as head of the group.

    Scalia, 70, was appointed in 1982 by President Ronald Reagan to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Reagan nominated him four years later to the U.S. Supreme Court, filling the opening that occurred when William Rehnquist became chief justice.

    Scalia takes a very literal approach to the Constitution, telling the audience Wednesday that he strongly disputes the idea that the wording selected by the Constitution's framers should be viewed in light of society's evolving morals and political leanings.

    "You can't take the position that these words are expandable in one direction and not expandable in the other," he said. "They obviously meant to set some standards to control future generations."

    He also said because of the Supreme Court's time constraints and heavy workload, justices often have to pass on the chance to review many potentially valid cases.

    "I can't tell you how many cases I look at and say, 'Boy, they really messed that up,' " he said, then added a motion that pantomimed tossing something aside.

    Several UConn law students who attended the speech said afterward that they were surprised by Scalia's candor, though none were surprised that he hewed to his well-documented conservative stances.

    "He's definitely a very smart guy, very bright," said third-year law student Kay Williams of Rockville, Ind. "I think from his speech today, it seemed that while he has certain views, he's not looking to impose them on everyone else."

    That opinion was not shared by protesters who set up tables and passed out pamphlets on the lawn near the building where Scalia spoke.

    At a same-sex kissing booth near the lecture hall, students said they believe some of Scalia's opinions amount to attacks on gays, women and other minorities.

    "His visit opened a lot of conversation on this campus," said third-year law student Colby Smith, who was wearing an "I Kiss Boys" T-shirt. "We want to make sure people understand what the concerns are with him, and why his views are particularly offensive."
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    Family Steering Committee Testimony

    I'm willing to bet that there a lot of people who frequent this site who've never taken the time to read these. Please do. They are educational on so many different levels.


    August 17, 2004
    FSC members were invited to speak on Voicing a Need for Reform before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee.

    Kristen Breitweiser

    Mary Fetchet

    August 3, 2004
    Family Steering Committee members testified during the House Committee on Government Reform Hearings to Review the 9/11 Commission Recommendations

    Beverly Eckert

    Sally Regenhard

    Robin Wiener

    January 27, 2004
    At the seventh Public Hearing of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, a Statement on Aviation Security by FSC member Carol Ashley was admitted into the record. (Note: Since the statement is 20 pages long, the PDF may take a while to load.)

    Carol Ashley

    November 19, 2003
    The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States held its fifth public hearing on November 19, in Madison, N J. Among those testifying were FSC members Sally Regenhard, Founder and Chairperson of the Skyscraper Campaign and Monica Gabrielle, her Co-chair.

    Sally Regenhard

    Monica Gabrielle

    March 31, 2003
    The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States held its first public hearings on March 31 and April 1, 2003, in New York City. Among those testifying were Mary Fetchet and Mindy Kleinberg, members of the Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Independent Commission.

    Mary Fetchet

    Mindy Kleinberg

    September 18, 2002
    Kristen Breitweiser testified before the Joint Intelligence Committee Hearings in Washington, DC in September , 2002.

    Kristen Breitweiser
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    Israel - By Paul Thompson

    Transcribed From "The Terror Timeline" - Chapter 14

    Jon Gold

    [Note from George Washington: Don't you <i>dare</i> call this post anti-semitic. If you think 9/11 truthers are anti-semitic, .]

    Earlier today, I had a thought. "Where is the Israeli 9/11 Truth Movement"? You would think the people of Israel are aware of the allegations towards their Government regarding 9/11. Aren't they curious as to why? After that thought, I, myself, wanted to see everything regarding Israel and 9/11. Aside from the "Dancing Israelis". So, I picked up Paul's book. I'm posting this so everyone has a clear understanding as to why Israel and 9/11 are often mentioned in the same breath.

    Please remember that Israel is a country, and Judaism is a religion. If Israel had something to do with 9/11, that DOES NOT mean you blame ALL jews....We don't agree with the actions of our Government. I'm sure if the truth were told, the Israelis would not agree with the actions of theirs. This posting is NOT meant to be anti-semitic. I am Jewish, and respect the religion completely.

    All of this is available online at , and since this book was published, there have been several updates in regards to Israel.

    There is a large amount of evidence that fundamentalist Muslims played important roles in the 9/11 attacks, such as the many warnings and examples of foreknowledge coming out of Afghanistan. The U.S. and Israel have been al-Qaeda's prime targets. Indeed, U.S. support of Israel is a primary reason al-Qaeda purports to have targeted the U.S. So any theories indicating an active Israeli role in 9/11 seem utterly preposterous.

    Yet there may be some connection between Israel and 9/11. Multiple reports and U.S. government documents have indicated that, at a minimum, in the months before and after 9/11, a peculiar group of Israelis were living in cities and towns across the U.S. Posing as art students, these individuals were observed conducting surveillance of multiple federal buildings in the U.S., and seeking contacts with agents from multiple federal agencies, including the DEA and FBI. Many of the "students" were active or former Israeli military personnel with intelligence expertise. At least some of these "students" lived down the street from hijacker Mohammed Atta and three of his associates in Florida prior to 9/11. More than 100 of these "students" were deported prior to 9/11, and up to 60 were deported afterward. Although the U.S. government has consistently maintained that these individuals were deported for routine visa violations, internal documents leaked to the press indicate that at least some in the government suspected the students were part of an Israeli spy ring. [ Salon, 5/7/02 ]

    The most common theory offered to explain this story is that the spies were assisting the U.S.'s counter-terrorism efforts, and that they actually warned the U.S. of the pending attack based on the intelligence they obtained, including names of some of the hijackers, in the weeks prior to 9/11.

    Another theory is that the spies were in the U.S. for entirely different purposes, wholly unrelated to 9/11. [ Salon, 5/7/02 ] Most controversially, some suggest that Israel knew about the 9/11 attacks but failed to warn the U.S., or even that Israel itself was behind the attacks. [ REUTERS, 9/11/03; NEW JERSEY STAR-LEDGER, 12/29/03 ]

    Although some news outlets have reported on this alleged Israeli "art student spy ring," such stories have generally failed to garner front-page coverage. The case of one Israeli spy in the U.S., Jonathan Pollard, probably generated more news coverage when he was arrested about 15 years earlier than the news coverage hundreds of "art student" spies combined have generated. Fox News gave into pressure and pulled its ground-breaking story on the spy ring from its website, and anonymous U.S. officials have warned that to speak of the topic could endanger their careers.

    The actions of the Mossad, Israel's spy agency, are shrouded in secrecy and often hard to fathom. Ephraim Halevy, head of the Mossad at the time of 9/11, claims, "Not one big success of the Mossad has ever been made public." [ CBS NEWS, 2/8/03 ] As with other issues related to 9/11, the purpose of this book is not to theorize, or speculate, but to compile the facts as they are known to date, based on what has been reported on this issue. The "art student spy ring" story remains one of the most baffling of the many 9/11 mysteries.

    January 2000: Israeli Spy Ring Begins Penetrating US
    A DEA government document later leaked to the press [ DEA report, 6/01 ] suggests that a large Israeli spy ring starts penetrating the US from at least this time, if not earlier. This ring, which will later become popularly known as the “art student spy ring,” is later shown to have strange connections to the events of 9/11. [ Insight, 3/11/02 ]

    February 6, 2000: Apparent Mossad Attempt to Infiltrate al-Qaeda Thwarted
    India's largest Newsweekly reports that it appears a recent Mossad attempt to infiltrate al-Qaeda failed when undercover agents were stopped on their way to Bangladesh by Indian customs officials. These 11 men appeared to be from Afghanistan, but had Israeli passports. One expert states, “It is not unlikely for Mossad to recruit 11 Afghans in Iran and grant them Israeli citizenship to penetrate a network such as bin Laden's. They would begin by infiltrating them into an Islamic radical group in an unlikely place like Bangladesh.” [ The Week, 2/6/00 ]

    April 19, 2000: Reports Indicate Israeli Organized Crime Units Dominate Ecstasy Distribution
    USA Today reports that “Israeli crime groups ... dominate distribution” of Ecstasy. [USA Today, 4/19/00] The DEA also states that most of the Ecstasy sold in the US is “controlled by organized crime figures in Western Europe, Russia, and Israel .” [UPI, 10/25/01] According to DEA documents, the Israeli “art student spy ring” “has been linked to several ongoing DEA [Ecstasy] investigations in Florida, California, Texas, and New York now being closely coordinated by DEA headquarters.” [ Insight, 3/11/02 ]

    December 2000-April 2001: Israeli Investigators Deported After Identifying Two Hijackers
    According to later German reports, “a whole horde of Israeli counter-terror investigators, posing as students, [follow] the trails of Arab terrorists and their cells in the United States. ... In the town of Hollywood, Florida, they [identify] ... Atta and Marwan Alshehhi as possible terrorists. Agents [live] in the vicinity of the apartment of the two seemingly normal flight school students, observing them around the clock.” Supposedly, around April, the Israeli agents are discovered and deported, terminating the investigation. [ Der Spiegel, 10/1/02 ]

    March 23, 2001: DEA Issues Alert to Look Out for Israeli Spies
    The Office of National Drug Control Policy issues a National Security Alert describing “apparent attempts by Israeli nationals to learn about government personnel and office layouts.” This later becomes known through a leaked DEA document called “Suspicious Activities Involving Israeli Art Students at DEA Facilities.” A crackdown ensues and by June, around 120 Israelis are apprehended. More are apprehended later. [ DEA report, 6/01 ]

    June 2001: DEA Draws Up Report on Israeli Spies
    The DEA's Office of Security Programs prepares a 60-page internal memo on the Israeli “art student spy ring.” [ DEA report, 6/01 ] The Memo is a compilation of dozens of field reports, and was meant only for the eyes of senior officials at the Justice Department (of which the DEA is adjunct), but it is leaked to the press around December 2001. The report connects the spies to efforts to foil investigations into Israeli organized crime activity involving the importation of the drug Ecstasy. The spies also appear to be snooping on top-secret military bases. For instance, on April 30, 2001, an Air Force alert was issued from Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City concerning “possible intelligence collection being conducted by Israeli art students.” Tinker AFB houses AWACS surveillance craft and Stealth bombers. By the time of the report, the US has “apprehended or expelled close to 120 Israeli nationals” but many remain at large. [ Le Monde, 3/5/02; Salon, 5/7/02 ] An additional 20 or so Israeli spies are apprehended between June and 9/11. [ Fox News, 12/12/01 ]

    August 8-15, 2001: Israel Reportedly Warns of Major Assault on the US
    At some point between these dates, Israel warns the US that an al-Qaeda attack is imminent. [ Fox News, 5/17/02 ] Reportedly, two high-ranking agents from the Mossad come to Washington and warn the FBI and CIA that from 50 to 200 terrorists have slipped into the US and are planning “a major assault on the United States.” They say indications point to a “large scale target,” and that Americans would be “very vulnerable.” They add there could be Iraqi connections to the al-Qaeda attack. [ Daily Telegraph, 9/16/01; Los Angeles Times, 9/20/01; Ottawa Citizen, 9/17/01 ] The Los Angeles Times later retracts its story after a CIA spokesperson says, “There was no such warning. Allegations that there was are complete and utter nonsense.” [ Los Angeles Times, 9/21/01 (B) ] Other newspapers do not retract it.

    August 23, 2001: Mossad Reportedly Gives CIA List of Terrorist Living in US; at Least Four 9/11 Hijackers Named
    According to German newspapers, the Mossad gives the CIA a list of 19 terrorists living in the US and say that they appear to be planning to carry out an attack in the near future. It is unknown if these are the 19 9/11 hijackers or if the number is a coincidence. However, four names on the list are known, and these four will be 9/11 hijackers: Nawaf Alhazmi, Khalid Almihdhar, Marwan Alshehhi, and Mohamed Atta. [ Die Zeit, 10/1/02; Der Spiegel, 10/1/02; BBC, 10/2/02; Ha'aretz, 10/3/02 ] The Mossad appears to have learned about this through its “art student spy ring.” Yet apparently, this warning and list are not treated as particularly urgent by the CIA and the information is not passed on to the FBI. It is unclear whether this warning influenced the decision to add Alhazmi and Almihdhar to a terrorism watch list on this same day, and if so, why only those two. [Der Spiegel, 10/1/02] Israel has denied that there were any Mossad agents in the US. [ Ha'aretz, 10/3/02 ]

    September 4, 2001: Mossad Gives Another Warning of Major, Imminent Attack
    “On or around” this day, the Mossad give their “latest” warning to the US of a major, imminent attack by al-Qaeda, according to sources close to Mossad. One former Mossad agent says, “My understanding is that the warning was not specific. No target was identified. But it should have resulted in an increased state of security.” US intelligence claims this never happened. [ Sunday Mail, 9/16/01 ]

    September 4, 2001: Israeli Company Moves Out of WTC
    The Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co. moves their North American headquarters from the 16th floor of the WTC to Norfolk, Virginia, one week before the 9/11 attacks. The Israeli government owns 49 percent of the company. [ Virginian-Pilot, 9/4/01 ] Zim announced the move and its date six months earlier. [ Virginian-Pilot, 4/3/01 ] More than 200 workers had just been moved out; about ten are still in the building making final moving arrangements on 9/11, but escape. [ Jerusalem Post, 9/13/01; Journal of Commerce, 10/18/01 ] The move leaves only one Israeli company, ClearForest, with 18 employees, in the WTC on 9/11. The four or five employees in the building at the time manage to escape. [ Jerusalem Post, 9/13/01 ] One year later, a Zim ship is impounded while attempting to ship Israeli military equipment to Iran; it is speculated that this is done with the knowledge of Israel . [ Agence France-Presse, 8/29/02 (B) ]

    September 11, 2001: Two Hours Before Attacks, Israeli Company Employees Receive Warnings
    Two employees of Odigo, Inc., an Israeli company, receive warnings of an imminent attack in New York City about two hours before the first plane hits the WTC. Odigo, one of the world's largest instant messaging companies, has its headquarters two blocks from the WTC. The Odigo Research and Development offices where the warnings were received are located in Herzliyya, a suburb of Tel Aviv. Israeli security and the FBI were notified immediately after the 9/11 attacks began. The two employees claim not to know who sent the warnings. “Odigo service includes a feature called People Finder that allows users to seek out and contact others based on certain interests or demographics. [Alex] Diamandis [Odigo vice president of sales and marketing] said it was possible that the attack warning was broadcast to other Odigo members, but the company has not received reports of other recipients of the message.” [ Ha'aretz, 9/26/01; Washington Post, 9/27/01 (C) ] Odigo claims the warning did not specifically mention the WTC, but the company refuses to divulge what was specified, claiming, “Providing more details would only lead to more conjecture.” [ Washington Post, 9/28/01 ] Odigo gave the FBI the Internet address of the message's sender so the name of the sender could be found. [ Deutsche Presse-Agenteur, 9/26/01 ] Two months later, it is reported that the FBI is still investigating the matter, but there have been no reports since. [ Courier Mail, 11/20/01 ]

    End Part I
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    September 11, 2001: Israeli Special-Ops Passenger Shot or Stabbed by Hijackers?
    An FAA memo written on the evening of 9/11, and later leaked, suggests that a man on Flight 11 was shot and killed by a gun before the plane crashed into the WTC. The “Executive Summary,” based on information relayed by a flight attendant to the American Airlines Operation Center, stated “that a passenger located in seat 10B [Satam Al Suqami] shot and killed a passenger in seat 9B [Daniel Lewin] at 9:20 am.” (Note that since Flight 11 crashed at 8:46, the time must be a typo, probably meaning 8:20). A report in Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz on September 17 identifies Lewin as a former member of the Israel Defense Force Sayeret Matkal, Israel's most successful special-operations unit. [ UPI, 3/6/02 ] Sayeret Matkal is a deep-penetration unit that has been involved in assassinations, the theft of foreign signals-intelligence materials, and the theft and destruction of foreign nuclear weaponry. Sayeret Matkal is best known for the 1976 rescue of 106 passengers at Entebbe Airport in Uganda. [ New Yorker, 10/29/01 ] Lewin founded Akamai, a successful computer company, and his connections to Sayeret Matkal remained hidden until the gun story became known. [ Guardian, 9/15/01 ] FAA and American Airline officials later deny the gun story and suggest that Lewin was probably stabbed to death instead. [ UPI, 3/6/02; Washington Post, 3/2/02 (B) ] Officials assert that the leaked document was a “first draft,” and subsequently corrected, but declines to release the final draft, calling it “protected information.” However, an FAA official present when the memo was drafted will dispute the FAA's claim, asserting that “[t]he document was reviewed for accuracy by a number of people in the room, including myself and a couple of managers of the operations center.” [ World Net Daily, 3/7/02 ]

    September 11, 2001: Five Israelis Arrested for Puzzling Behavior near WTC
    Five Israelis are arrested around 4:30 pm for “puzzling behavior” related to the WTC attacks: filming the burning WTC from the roof of their company's building near Liberty State Park, New Jersey, then shouting in what was interpreted as cries of joy and mockery. A neighbor spotted them and called the police and the FBI. The police tracked them down in a van with the words “Urban Moving Systems” written on the side. [ Bergen Record, 9/12/01; Ha'aretz, 9/17/01 ] One man was found with $4,700 in cash hidden in his sock, another had two passports on him, and a box cutter was found in the van. [ ABC News, 6/21/02 ] Investigators say that “[t]here are maps of the city in the car with certain places highlighted... It looked like they're hooked in with this. It looked like they knew what was going to happen.” [ Bergen Record, 9/12/01 ] One of these Israelis later says, “our purpose was to document the event.” [ ABC News, 6/21/02 ] The FBI later concludes at least two are Mossad agents and that all were on a Mossad surveillance mission. The FBI interrogates them for weeks. [ Forward, 3/15/02 ] They are held on immigration violation charges, but are released 71 days later. [ ABC News, 6/21/02 ] Their names are later identified as Sivan and Paul Kurzberg, Oded Ellner, Omer Marmari, and Yaron Shmuel. [ Forward, 3/15/02 ]

    September 11, 2001: Former Israeli Prime Minister: 9/11 Very Good for Israeli-US Relations
    Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, when asked what the 9/11 attacks means for relations between the US and Israel , replies, “It's very good.” Then he edits himself: “Well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy.” [ New York Times, 9/12/01 (C) ] A week later, the Village Voice states, “From national networks to small-town newspapers, the view that America's terrible taste of terrorism will finally do away with even modest calls for the restraint of Israel's military attacks on Palestinian towns has become an instant, unshakable axiom. ... Now, support for Israel in America is officially absolute, and Palestinians are cast once again as players in a global terrorist conspiracy.” [ Village Voice, 9/19/01 ]

    September 14, 2001: Head of Shadowy Company Flees US
    Dominick Suter, owner of the company Urban Moving Systems, flees the country to Israel . The FBI later tells ABC News, “Urban Moving may have been providing cover for an Israeli intelligence operation.” Suter has been tied to the five Israeli agents caught filming the WTC attack. The FBI had questioned Suter around September 12, removing boxes of documents and a dozen computer hard drives. However, when the FBI returns a few days later, he is gone. [ Forward, 3/15/02; New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety, 12/13/01; ABC News, 6/21/02 ]

    September 29-30, 2001: Suspected Mossad Agents Detained, Released
    Police in the Midwest stop six men carrying suspicious documents. They possess photos and descriptions of a nuclear power plant in Florida and the Trans-Alaska pipeline, and have “box cutters and other equipment.” All six have Israeli passports. They are released the same day after their passports are shown to be valid, but before anyone interviews them. The FBI is reportedly furious about their release. [ Miami Herald, 10/3/01; Knight Ridder, 10/31/01; Times of London, 11/2/01 ] The six men may have been Mossad agents. In addition to snooping on the DEA and Islamic militants, some Mossad agents in the “art student spy ring” have been caught trying to break into military bases and other top-secret facilities (see March 23, 2001). [ Salon, 5/7/02 ]

    October 16, 2001: Several Arrested for Curious Sears Tower Surveillance
    Two men, Moshe Elmakias and Ron Katar, are arrested after being found with a detailed video of the Sears Tower in Chicago. In addition, a woman named Ayelet Reisler is found with them, carrying conflicting identification information. They are arrested for illegal dumping, using a van with the name Moving Systems Incorporated. The video contains extensive zoom in shots of the Sears Tower; it is not known when the video was filmed. [ Philadelphia Mercury, 10/18/01 ]

    November 20, 2001: Israelis Who Videotaped WTC Attack Are Released, Deported
    The five Israelis arrested on 9/11 for videotaping the WTC attack and then cheering about it (see September 11, 2001) are released and deported to Israel . Some of the men's names had appeared in a US national intelligence database, and the FBI has concluded that at least two of the men were working for the Mossad, according to ABC News. However, the FBI says that none of the Israelis had any advanced knowledge of the 9/11 attacks, and they were released as part of a deal between the US and the Israeli government. After their release, they claim to have been tortured. [ Forward, 3/15/02; ABC News, 6/21/02 ]

    November 23, 2001: More Israelis Arrested in Wake of 9/11
    The Washington Post reports that “[a]t least 60 young Israeli Jews have been arrested and detained around the country on immigration charges since the September 11 attacks, many of them held on US government officials' invocation of national security.” An INS official who requested anonymity says the use of the term “special interest” for Israelis being held in Cleveland, St. Louis, and other places means the case in question is “related to the investigation of September 11th.” [ Washington Post, 11/23/01 ] Most of them are deported. However, Intelligence Online claims that “For the overwhelming majority of the ring's members expelled, there was no problem at all with visas, and in the lists we only found a few minor cases of expired visas."” [ Agence France-Presse, 3/6/02 ]

    End Part II
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    December 12-15, 2001: News Reports Raises Israeli Spying Questions
    Fox News reports, “Investigators within the DEA, INS, and FBI have all told Fox News that to pursue or even suggest Israeli spying ... is considered career suicide.” “A highly placed investigator says there are ‘tie-ins’ between the spy ring and 9/11. However, when asked for details, he flatly refuses to describe them, saying, ‘evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information.’ ” The report also reveals that Amdocs, an Israeli company, is recording virtually every phone call in the US and could be passing information on to the Israeli government (similar claims were first raised in 2000 [ Insight, 5/29/00 ] ). Fox News suggests that the position of this company might impede the 9/11 investigation. [ Fox News, 12/12/01 ]

    December 16, 2001: Fox News Removes Controversial Story from Website, but Story Nonetheless Makes an Impact
    Fox News removes its series on the “art student spy ring” from its website after only two days, in response to pressure from The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) and others. CAMERA suggests the reporter “has something, personally, about Israel . ... Maybe he's very sympathetic to the Arab side.” [ Salon, 5/7/02 ] The head of the ADL calls the report “sinister dangerous innuendo which fuels anti-Semitism.” [ Forward, 12/21/01 ] Yet there does not appear to be any substance to these personal attacks (and Forward later reverses its stance on the spy ring (see March 15, 2002)). Fox News also never makes a formal repudiation or correction about the series. The contents of the series continues to be generally ignored by the mainstream media, but it makes a big impact inside the US government: An internal DEA communiqué from December 18 mentions the Fox report by name, and warns of security breaches in telecommunications as described in the Fox report. [ Salon, 5/7/02 ]

    March 5, 2002: Israeli Spies Reportedly Tracked 9/11 Hijackers
    It is reported that many spies in the uncovered Israeli spy ring seemed to have been trailing the 9/11 hijackers. At the very least, they were in close proximity. For instance, five Israeli spies are intercepted in the tiny town of Hollywood, Florida, and four 9/11 hijackers are known to have spent time in Hollywood, Florida. [ Le Monde, 3/5/02; Reuters, 3/5/02; Jane's Intelligence Digest, 3/15/02 ] In one case, some Israeli spies lived at 4220 Sheridan Street, only a few hundred feet from where Mohamed Atta was living at 3389 Sheridan Street. Israeli spies appear to have been close to at least ten of the 19 9/11 hijackers. [ Salon, 5/7/02 ]

    March 6, 2002: US Officials Deny Existence of Israeli Spy Ring
    A Washington Post article, relying on US officials, denies the existence of any Israeli spy ring. A “wide array of US officials” supposedly deny it, and Justice Department spokeswoman Susan Dryden says: “This seems to be an urban myth that has been circulating for months. The department has no information at this time to substantiate these widespread reports about Israeli art students involved in espionage.” [ Washington Post, 3/6/02 ] The New York Times fails to cover the story at all, even months later. [ Salon, 5/7/02 ] By mid-March, Jane's Intelligence Digest, the respected British intelligence and military analysis service, notes: “It is rather strange that the US media seems to be ignoring what may well be the most explosive story since the 11 September attacks—the alleged breakup of a major Israeli espionage operation in the USA.” [ Jane's Intelligence Digest, 3/15/02 ]

    March 11, 2002: Suspected Israeli Students Reportedly Served in Military
    A newspaper reports that the DEA study on Israeli “art students” determined the “students” all had “recently served in the Israeli military, the majority in intelligence, electronic signal intercept, or explosive ordnance units.” [ Palm Beach Post, 3/11/02 ]

    March 15, 2002: Jewish Magazine Says Israelis Spied in US on Radical Muslims
    Forward, a US publication with a large Jewish audience, admits that there has been an Israeli spy ring in the US. [ Forward, 3/15/02 ] This is a reversal of their earlier stance. [ Forward, 12/21/01 ] But, “far from pointing to Israeli spying against US government and military facilities, as reported in Europe last week, the incidents in question appear to represent a case of Israelis in the United States spying on a common enemy, radical Islamic networks suspected of links to Middle East terrorism.” [ Forward, 3/15/02 ]

    May 7, 2002: Explosives Detected on Illegal Israelis
    A moving truck is pulled over for speeding in the middle of the night in Oak Harbor, Washington, near the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station. The base is the home of the advanced electronic warfare Prowler jets. A bomb-sniffing dog detects explosives on one of the men and inside the truck. High-tech equipment is then used to confirm the presence of TNT on the gearshift and RDX plastic explosive on the steering wheel. Both men turn out to be Israeli (one with an altered passport) and in the country illegally. [ Fox News, 5/13/02 ] However, the FBI later clears the two men, saying both the dog and the tests just detected false positives from “residue left by a cigarette lighter.” [ Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 5/14/02; Jerusalem Post, 5/14/0 2] The “art student spy ring” frequently uses moving vans as cover, and has been caught spying on the most top secret military bases. [ Salon, 5/7/02 ] In a possibly related story, the Seattle FBI office that handled this case will be broken into a few weeks later, and even a room containing evidence will be penetrated. [ Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 7/29/02 ]

    May 7, 2002: Sloppy Israeli Spy Ring Could Have Been Smoke Screen
    Salon reports on the Israeli “art student spy ring.” All the “students” claim to have come from either Bezalel Academy or the University of Jerusalem. A look in the Bezalel database shows that not a single “art student” appears to have attended school there. There is no such thing as the University of Jerusalem. In fact, the article points out that the sheer sloppiness and brazenness of the spy operation appears to be a great mystery, especially since the Mossad is renowned as one of the best spy agencies in the world. One government source suggests a theory to Salon that the “art students” were actually a smoke screen. They were meant to be caught and connected to DEA surveillance so that a smaller number of spies also posing as art students could complete other missions. One such mission could have been the monitoring of al-Qaeda operatives. [ Salon, 5/7/02 ] Shortly afterwards, a major Israeli newspaper publishes a story about the spy ring, but does not come to any conclusions. [ Ha'aretz, 5/14/02 ]

    November 2002: Saudi Interior Minister Blames Jews for 9/11 Attacks
    Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef blames Zionists and Jews for the 9/11 attacks. He tells journalists, “Who has benefited from September 11 attacks? I think [the Jews] were the protagonists of such attacks.” Nayef is in charge of the Saudi investigation into the attacks, and some US congresspeople respond to the comments by questioning how strongly Saudi Arabia is investigating the involvement of the 15 Saudi 9/11 hijackers. [ Associated Press, 12/5/02 ]

    May 2004: More Israelis Are Arrested in Suspicious Circumstances, Again Traveling in Moving Vans
    On May 9, two Israelis are arrested after a high-speed chase in Tennessee. They are found with false documents. [ WYCB, 5/9/04 ] On May 27, two others are arrested after trying to enter an Atlanta military base. Explosives are possibly discovered in their van. [ Kings Bay Periscope, 5/27/04 ]

    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    The Afghanistan War

    This was the first place American troops were sent. It's often referred to as the "forgotten war" because the media barely covers it anymore.

    The objective of the invasion? To hunt down and kill Osama Bin Laden. Instead, we let him escape through Tora Bora.

    The Taliban has resurfaced, and is coming on strong. The country now provides 92% of the world's opium.

    The murders that took place on 9/11, were a crime. As Donna Marsh O'Connor said, committed by men. Not a country. By men.

    I think it's important we find out who those men were, and not hold an entire country accountable for the actions of a few.

    Bush, Karzai Sign Pact For Long-Term U.S. Military Presence In Afghanistan

    Hospital In Germany Copes With Heavy Flow Of Wounded From Iraq, Afghanistan

    U.S. Acknowledges Torture At Guantanamo; In Iraq, Afghanistan - U.N.

    Afghanistan Produced Heroin Seized In Iraq

    Study Proposes Opium Licensing For Afghanistan

    Taliban Still 'Alive And Kicking' In Afghanistan

    Afghanistan: The War With No End

    U.N. Finds Afghanistan Opium Declined 2.5%, Still Producing 87% Of World's Crop

    Taliban Leader Vows More Attacks In Afghanistan

    Remember Afghanistan? Insurgents Bring Suicide Terror To Country

    "The New Afghanistan Is A Myth. It's Time To Go And Get A Job Abroad"

    Bush Faces "Tough" Questions In Afghanistan

    President Had Invasion Plans For Afghanistan On His Desk 9/9/2001

    Afghanistan Gripped By Worst Fighting Since 2001

    Britain Is The Fall Guy For The U.S. Retreat From Afghanistan

    U.S. Back At Full War Footing In Afghanistan

    Afghanistan Close To Anarchy, Warns General

    NATO Takes Over In Afghanistan

    Marines To Recall Troops On Involuntary Basis For Iraq, Afghanistan

    Afghanistan Now Supplies "A Staggering 92%" Of The World's Opium

    U.S. Nato Envoy Calls For More Troops In Afghanistan

    Afghanistan Five Years Later: Poverty, Violence, Misery

    The Bush/Cheney Drug Empire

    White House/U.S. Gov't Presiding Over 'Narcotics State'

    Scores Died In U.S. Custody In War Zones

    'Troubled' Afghanistan-Pakistan-Iran Triangle May Deepen US Presence

    While Closing Bases At Home, U.S. Considers Offers From Foreign Governments

    Citizens Find Bush Guilty Of Afghan War Crimes

    US Scatters Bases To Control Eurasia

    U.N.: Iraq Becoming Transit Point For Drugs

    Afghans Angry That We Flushed Quran Down The Toilet

    Karzai Slams Anti-US Protesters

    Afghan Clerics Threaten Muslim Holy War Over Quran

    Newsweek Apologizes For Quran Story

    Afghans Give U.S. 3 Days To Explain Report On Quran

    Muslims Skeptical On Quran Apology

    White House Says Newsweek Report Damaged U.S. Image

    White House, Media In Struggle For Credibility

    John Conyers BLASTS White House About Newsweek

    Afghan Riots NOT Tied To Report On Quran Handling, General Says

    Red Cross Warned U.S. Over Quran

    Flames Of Hate

    Karzai Rejects Criticism Over Opium Trade

    Amnesty's Human Rights Report Blasts U.S.

    Pentagon: Inmate Retracts Quran Abuse Charge

    Pentagon Spokesman Lied Repeatedly Over Claim Quran Abuse Hadn't Been Confirmed

    White House: Quran Abuse Isolated

    Qazi Says 9/11 Was A Planned Conspiracy To Crush Muslims

    U.S. 'Planned Attack On Taleban'

    U.K. Under Fire Over Afghan Opium

    Pakistan Supporting Terrorism: Afghan Minister

    9/11 In Historical Perspective: Flawed Assumptions - By Peter Dale Scott

    CIA Commander: We Let Bin Laden Slip Away

    July 21, 2001: US Official Threatens Possible Military Action Against Taliban by October if Pipeline Is Not Pursued Niaz Naik. [Source: Calcutta Telegraph]
    Three former American officials, Tom Simons (former US Ambassador to Pakistan), Karl Inderfurth (former Deputy Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs), and Lee Coldren (former State Department expert on South Asia) meet with Pakistani and Russian intelligence officers in a Berlin hotel. [Salon, 9/16/2002] This is the third of a series of back-channel conferences called “brainstorming on Afghanistan.” Taliban representatives sat in on previous meetings, but boycotted this one due to worsening tensions. However, the Pakistani ISI relays information from the meeting to the Taliban. [Guardian, 10/22/2001] At the meeting, Coldren passes on a message from Bush officials. He later says, “I think there was some discussion of the fact that the United States was so disgusted with the Taliban that they might be considering some military action.” [Guardian, 10/26/2001] Accounts vary, but former Pakistani Foreign Secretary Niaz Naik later says he is told by senior American officials at the meeting that military action to overthrow the Taliban in Afghanistan is planned to “take place before the snows started falling in Afghanistan, by the middle of October at the latest.” The goal is to kill or capture both bin Laden and Taliban leader Mullah Omar, topple the Taliban regime, and install a transitional government of moderate Afghans in its place. Uzbekistan and Russia would also participate. Naik also says, “It was doubtful that Washington would drop its plan even if bin Laden were to be surrendered immediately by the Taliban.” [BBC, 10/18/2001] One specific threat made at this meeting is that the Taliban can choose between “carpets of bombs” —an invasion—or “carpets of gold” —the pipeline. [Brisard and Dasquie, 2002] Naik contends that Tom Simons made the “carpets” statement. Simons claims, “It’s possible that a mischievous American participant, after several drinks, may have thought it smart to evoke gold carpets and carpet bombs. Even Americans can’t resist the temptation to be mischievous.” Naik and the other American participants deny that the pipeline was an issue at the meeting. [Salon, 9/16/2002]

    Hat tip to
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    Dick Cheney

    Dick Cheney is a pivotal character in the 9/11 affair. I thought I would post every article I have on him so you can see just how "evil" this man is. Be sure to check out the blog on Halliburton, and the blog on the PNAC as well.

    BREAKING NEWS: Dick Cheney Behind 9/11 Attacks - MUST READ

    U.S. Court Dismisses Cheney Energy Task Force Case

    Dick Cheney Is... Goldfinger - Video Inside

    Bush, Cheney And 9/11

    Cheney 'Offended' By Human Rights Report

    Cheney Says Confident Of Bolton UN Confirmation

    Cheney Invokes 9/11, Lauds Air Force Grads

    North Korea To Ignore Talks After Cheney Comments

    Top Cheney Aide Aide Among Sources In CIA Story

    Cheney To Lead U.S. Delegation To Saudi Arabia

    The Vice Presidential Debate - Dick Cheney Vs. John Edwards - Video Inside

    Dick Cheney Is Still On Vacation, And Condi Shopped For $7000 Shoes During Katrina

    Cheney Told To 'Go Fuck Yourself' In Gulfport, Mississippi

    VP Cheney Tours Gulf Searching For Beachfront Property

    Man Who Said, "Fuck Yourself" To Cheney Selling Tape On Ebay

    Protesters Deride VP Cheney As He Visits Austin Shelter

    Cheney Orders Rural Electric Crews To Work On Oil Pipeline From Texas

    Dick Cheney, Indictment?

    Bush And Cheney Directly Involved In CIA Leak? - Video Inside

    Weak Responses Led To 9/11, Cheney Asserts

    Cheney Warns Of 'Decades Of War'

    Letter Shows Cheney Aide Was Prodded In Leak Probe

    Cheney Spokesman Departs Country As CIA Leak Investigation Wraps Up

    Dick Cheney's Halliburton Stock Options Rose In Value 3281% In One Year

    CIA Leak Prosecutor Asked About Any Cheney Role

    Cheney May Be Entangled In CIA Leak Investigation, People Say

    Cheney Aide, John Hannah, Cooperating With CIA Outing Probe, Sources Say

    White House Watch: Cheney Resignation Rumors Fly

    Second Cheney Aide, David Wurmser, Cooperating In Leak Probe

    Cheney 'Cabal' Hijacked Foreign Policy

    Cheney Aide Wurmser Passed Plame's Name To Libby, Hadley


    Cheney Withheld Information From Congress About War

    Former Powell Chief Of Staff Blasts Bush & Cheney - Video Inside

    Sen. Reid Calls On Bush, Cheney To Apologize

    Cheney In The Bunker

    Cheney Fights For Detainee Policy

    Ahmed Chalabi To Meet Cheney

    Another Dick Cheney Lie? - Video Inside

    CIA V. Cheney

    Rumsfeld, Cheney Meet With Chalabi

    Cheney Heckled By Anti-War Protesters

    Cheney Says War Critics 'Dishonest, Reprehensible'

    Document Says Oil Chiefs Met With Cheney Task Force

    Jon Stewart Exposes Cheney For The Fascist That He Is - Video Inside

    The Long March Of Dick Cheney

    Cheney Accused On Prisoner Abuse

    Cheney Led Cheerleaders Of Iraq Invasion; Is Back On Stump

    Cheney And Fried Rice In Hot Water

    Bush Backs Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rove

    Cheney Makes Surprise Visit To Iraq A Day After Hillary Asked Him To Go

    Cheney Fields Tough Questions From Troops

    Cheney Says 9/11 Attacks Could Have Been Averted With Wiretaps

    Cheney Defends Wiretaps

    Cheney Calls For More Presidential Powers

    Cheney Hospitalized, Then Released

    Cheney To Visit Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, And Egypt

    Egypt And Saudi Arabia Urge Cheney To Give The Talks More Time With Iran

    End Part I
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    Cheney, Rumsfeld Could Testify In EU Torture Probe

    Docs Show Bush Sr., Cheney, And Rumsfeld Debated Wiretaps During Ford Administration

    Enron, Cheney, 9/11, Live Hijackers, & Dead Microbiologists: Part I & 2

    Senators: Cheney Should Be Probed In Leak

    Cheney Says He Can Declassify Secrets "At Will"

    All Roads Lead To Dick Cheney

    Republican Sues Bush, Cheney, NSA, TSA for Illegal Surveillance, Wiretapping

    David Letterman On The Cheney Shooting - Video Inside

    Shut The Fuck Up Cheney

    President Targets Cheney For Laughs At Dinner

    False Alarm: Iraq Not In A Civil War: Says Cheney

    Rep. Murtha Says Rumsfed, Cheney Should Resign, Fire Everyone Responsible For War

    Cheney Says He Won't Resign, Will Serve Out Term

    Whistleblowers Allege Influence Pedlling By Members Of Congress, And Dick Cheney

    Former Head Of Star Wars Program Says Cheney Main 9/11 Suspect

    Lawyer: Bush Left Leak Details To Cheney

    Bush, Cheney Meet With 9/11 Panel

    Scalia Says He's Proud He Didn't Recuse Himself In Cheney Case

    Cheney Defends War Against Terrorism

    Dick Cheney Is Playing With The Iran Contra People Again

    Cheney Link Of Iraq, 9/11 Challenged

    Cheney Refuses To Tell Us His Secrets

    Cheney Sought Rice's Role At The National Security Council

    Kremlin: Cheney Attacks On Russia "Incomprehensible"

    Cheney Speech Spurs New Cold War: Russian Press

    Cheney Making The Case Not To Investigate 9/11 - Audio Inside

    White House Backs Cheney On Russia

    Cheney Defends Criticism Of Putin

    Dennis Hastert Taps Cheney, Goss For Congressional Distinguished Service Awards

    Vermont Greens' Historic Call: Impeach Bush, Cheney For 9/11 Crimes, Election Theft

    Cheney Pushed U.S. To Widen Eavesdropping

    Cheney Notes Add Twist To CIA Leak Probe

    Hastert And Cheney Have Words Over Goss

    Cheney May Be Called In CIA Leak Case

    Experts Say Cheney Can't Avoid Testifying

    Eavesdropping To Go On, Cheney Tells Midshipmen

    Cheney Aide Is Screening Legislation, Trying To Protect Bush Power

    Cheney Came, He Spoke, He Got $300,000

    Documents Suggest Army Lied About Cheney Involvement In No-Bid Halliburton Contract

    Frontline: The Battle Between Fascist Pig Cheney And CIA To Control The "Dark Side"

    Cheney Defends "Final Throes" Remark

    Money-Tracking Leak Angers Cheney

    Cheney's Cheney

    Bush Directed Cheney To Counter Joseph Wilson

    Is Cheney Betting On Economic Collapse?

    Cheney Behind Turn Toward Dictatorship

    Dick Cheney Is Lying And Fear Mongering With 9/11 Again

    Cheney And Rumsfeld Covered Up Soldier Atrocities During The Vietnam War

    Valerie Plame Sues Dick Cheney Over Leak

    Cheney Wants Security To Top Election Agenda

    Teacher Under Fire For His Cheney - 9/11 Theory

    Essentially, Cheney Says Leaking Information May Bring Another 9/11 - Video Inside

    Cheney Uses Israel - Lebanon Conflict As Proof We Need Bush's Friends In Office

    Cheney Protected From Plame Lawsuit

    Intel. Officials Doubt Iran Uranium Claims, Say Cheney Receiving Suspect Briefings

    Cheney Can't Scare Me Anymore

    Cheney Fear Mongering Again

    Netanyahu To Meet With Cheney About Iran

    Cheney Irked By The Spread Of Democracy

    Halliburton And Cheney: War Profiteers In Chief Fight To Keep Their Wallets Fat

    Cheney Says Hopes Of World Rest On U.S.

    VT Congressional Candidate Calls For Arrest Of Bush And Cheney By U.S. Military

    Man Arrested For Telling Cheney His Iraq War Policies Are "Reprehensible"

    Words Fail Him

    White House Cover-Up: McClellan Conceals Heart Attack From Press - Video Inside

    Dick Cheney's Actions On 9/11

    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    Cynthia McKinney

    Today at work, I was having a conversation with someone about how the majority of politicians in Washington D.C. are scum. I then proceeded to tell him that it's a shame they drove Cynthia McKinney out of Washington D.C. Before I knew it, I heard the familiar mantra, "She's a nut."

    Cynthia McKinney has done more for the people of this country than almost any other politician. To the best of her ability, she spoke the truth to power, and she did so with a great heart, and a great soul.

    I am hoping in the coming elections that a few more Cynthia McKinney's will make it into Washington D.C.

    I'm also hoping that we haven't seen the last of the real McCoy.

    Thank you Cynthia for everything you've done for us. You are missed more than you know.

    The 9/11 Omission Hearings - Complete Videos Inside

    Rep. Cynthia McKinnney Questions Rumsfeld, Myers About 9/11 Wargames - Video Inside

    The Screwing Of Cynthia McKinney

    BREAKING NEWS: Gen. Myers, Rumsfeld Grilled On Missing Money, War Games, Sex Trade

    A Message From Cynthia McKinney

    U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney Blasts Johnny Sutton In Letter To Atty Gen. And HSD

    Rep. McKinney To Hold All Day Briefing On 9/11 - Exposing Sham Of 9/11 Report

    Uncovering The Untold Story Of 9/11

    Congressional Briefing On 9/11 To Air On The Web, TV And Radio

    McKinney Reopens 9/11

    House Hearing On Anniversary Of 9/11 Report

    Conspiracy Theories And The Fight For Truth

    Critics Cite Omissions, Cover-Ups On First Anniversary Of 9/11 Commission Report

    INN Report Airs Highlights Of Historic 9/11 Briefing On Capitol Hill

    9/11 Back To Congress

    Don't Lose Hope

    The 9/11 Congressional Briefing Hosted By Rep. Cynthia McKinney - Audio Inside

    Atlanta Journal Rejects Rep. McKinney Op-Ed Penned In Response To Paper's Smear

    The Perfect Analogy

    C-SPAN Will Be Broadcasting The Entirety Of The McKinney Congressional Briefing

    C-SPAN To Air Entire 9/11 Congressional Briefing - 8/31/05 & 9/2/05

    A Review Of The New Wargames Timeline

    Top Officials, Leaders State 9/11 Possibly An Inside Job

    Divided (By 9/11) We Stand

    The 9/11 Omission: Did The 9/11 Commission Get It Wrong?

    Top Democrats Won't Attend Anti-War Rally In Washington

    McKinney's Panel Drums Up More 9/11 Conspriacy Theories

    AIPAC Threatens Retaliation Against Congressmen For Participation In Anti-War Rally

    March Of The Conspiracy Theorists

    America Is Running Out Of Time

    Omissions & Distortions In The 9/11 Commission Report: A Significant Pattern

    Help Return Cynthia McKinney To Congress

    Weekly Standard Attacks 9/11 Skeptics

    Leading Theologian Speaks Out On 9/11

    Logic, Data Connect U.S. To 9/11

    Transcripts From Cynthia McKinney's 9/11 Congressional Briefing

    The Weekly Standard Attacks 9/11 Truth

    Statement Of Rep. Cynthia McKinney On The War Resolution Of Rep. John Murtha

    Katrina Victims Testify About Ethnic Cleansing, Levee Bomb

    Cynthia McKinney's Home Vandalized

    Congresswoman Says America Run By Criminal Syndicate

    APN Interviews U.S. Rep McKinney On Katrina, Race, Class

    Maxim Magazine Covers "9/11 Truth Movement"

    The Village Voice Gives A Massive Expose On 9/11 Truth

    Taboo Topics

    A Popular Groundswell For Impeachment

    Cynthia McKinney Accused Of Hitting Officer (All articles related to that incident are in that thread.)

    San Francisco Chronicle Attacks 9/11 Truth

    Hannity & Colmes Lies About And Attacks Cynthia McKinney - Audio Inside

    Distract, Divide, And Conquer

    Rep. McKinney Won't Be Charged In Scuffle

    What Is The President And The Vice President's Word Worth?

    Two Facing McKinney In Primary

    The Next Stage Of The 9/11 Truth Movement By Carol Brouillet

    Rep. Cynthia McKinney Being Driven Out Of Washington D.C. By Diebold Machines

    Cynthia McKinney Fails To Avoid Runoff

    McKinney: "I’m The One Who Tells The Truth. On What George Bush Knew About 9/11."

    Cynthia McKinney Gives An Incredible Speech - Video Inside

    The Weekly Standard Attacks Rep. Cynthia McKinney

    Capitol Hill Police: Cynthia McKinney Targeted - Video Inside

    McKinney Campaign Claims Name Left Off Ballots

    Cynthia Mckinney's Losing Big

    Joe Scarborough Portrayed Cynthia McKinney As Crazy, So I Made A Movie - Video Inside

    McKinney To File Election Challenge

    Interrogating 9/11

    World Can't Wait Protests

    The Failure To Defend The Skies On 9/11

    My Favorite Member Of Congress Is Gone (But Not Forgotten)
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    More to come...
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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