Pakistan And 9/11

I thought I would put a collection together of all of the Pakistan - 9/11 articles I have. As well as articles related to our relationship with Pakistan.

This is in no particular order...

The 9/11 Commission

Did Pakistan Influence The 9/11 Commission Report?

Members Of The 9/11 Commission Bribed?

Pakistan Bribed 9/11 Commission

Thousands Of Dollars Spent By Pakistan To Get 9/11 Findings Dropped

Pakistan Military Brass Knew In Advance That 9/11 Would Take Place

Pakistan Embassy Official's Claims Triggers U.S. Media Interest

DIA Says Pakistan Backed Al Qaeda

Pakistan Blames West For Terrorism

Former ISI Chief Says 9/11 An Inside Job (Interview on 9/26/01)

Alex Jones' Team Confronts 9/11 Commission Chairman Thomas Kean - Video Inside

Pakistani Defense Minister: We Have No Control Over ISI

What Comes First, The Chicken Or The Egg?

New Offer On Bin Laden

India Should Ask For International Monitoring Of ISI: Rajnath

"Pakistan Did Not Influence 9/11 Probe"

Ex-State Department Security Officer Charges Pre-9/11 Cover-Up

HBO Documentary Traces Daniel Pearl Case

Some Correspondence I Had With Michael Meacher, Former Member Of Parliament

Letter To Mariane Pearl (Daniel Pearl's Wife)

This War On Terrorism Is Bogus

The Real Culprit Of 9/11?

India Wants Terror Spotlight On Kashmir

FBI Seeks Pearl Video Ban On Net

Bin Laden Denies Being Behind Attacks

FBI Penetrated; Again!

White House Sells F-16s To 9/11 Co-Conspirator Pakistan

US 'to offer F-16s to Pakistan'

U.S. Approves Sale of Missiles to Pakistan

FBI Weaving Web In Pakistan To Launch Attack On Iran

Pakistan Tests Nuclear Capable Missile

U.S. Hopes To Win Hearts In Pakistan

U.S. Gives Pakistan 8 Military Aircraft Free Of Charge

Suspect In Pearl Killing Arrested In Pakistan

Militant Sentenced To Death In Pearl Case

Iranian Nuclear Chief Admits Ties To Pakistan

Pakistan Admits Khan Gave Iran Nuke Material

9/11 CitizensWatch Co-Founder Confronts 9/11 Commissioner - Video Inside

Did Pearl Die Because Pakistan Deceived CIA?

President Musharraf: West Responsible For "Breeding Terrorism In His Country"

Cover-Up Or Complicity Of The Bush Administration?

Terrorism Defendant: Pakistani ISI Threatening Family

Musharraf: U.S. Threatened To Bomb Pakistan After 9/11

Musharraf Suggests 9/11 Paymaster Was British Agent

Ex-Pakistan Spy Chief Knew Of 9/11: Report

Musharraf Defends Pakistani Intel Agency

Blair, Musharraf Pledge to Fight Terror

Key quotes from the document

Musharraf defends his spy service

President dubs alleged Pearl killer MI6 spy

Pakistan 'role in Mumbai attacks'

ISI, Lashkar behind 7/11 blasts: Mumbai police

US asks India to stop blaming Pakistan

India to give names of 7/11 suspects to Pak

Pakistan And The Terror Nexus

Pakistan In Review

Bush Urges Allies To Unite In Terror War

Explosion near Musharraf residence, no casualties or damage

Britain says Pakistan is hiding Taliban chief

Who is planning to terrorize Pakistan's ISI now?

Nato's top brass accuse Pakistan over Taliban aid

NATO to confront General over ISI support to Taliban

Police did not want to ‘jump the gun’on train blast probe

Unlikely suspect

"Clearly, the ISI link is no mere conspiracy theory." — Lorie Van Auken