Stephen Colbert Destroys Bush


Stephen Colbert commented Wednesday on the 4th Circuit Court's recent ruling that President Bush cannot "indefinitely detain civilians, even if he calls them 'enemy combatants.'"

"I can agree with this ruling and support the president," Colbert commented, "because I support his ability to ignore this ruling. He has to. You see, our enemies aren't respecting the law of war, so the president can't respect any laws."

"The president gets to do what he wants," continued Colbert. "After all, you really think the Justice Department is going to enforce this decision? Not as long as Alberto Gonzales is in charge, and he's not going anywhere, because the president gets to do what he wants. ... The Democrats do get to claim a clear moral victory, and that's all they want. After all, Speaker Pelosi is on record saying impeachment's off the table."

Colbert then showed a clip of Presidential Press Secretary Tony Snow saying, "The executive branch is under no compulsiion to testify to Congress because Congress, in fact, doesn't have oversight abilities."

"That opinion might, quote, 'slightly alter' the Constitutional foundations of our republic," stated Colbert. "But the president gets to do what he wants."

The following video is from Comedy Channel's Colbert Report, broadcast on June 20.

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