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Thread: Report: Israeli Air Force Preparing For Iran Strike

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    Report: Israeli Air Force Preparing For Iran Strike

    Report: IAF preparing for Iran strike

    (Gold9472: There have been many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many threats of an attack from Israel to Iran for a few years now. However, I believe we are almost there.)


    The Israeli Air Force (IAF) has been training on long-range flights, including refueling in mid-flight, in preparation for potential strikes against Iranian nuclear targets.

    The training program has been taking place for some time but has only been released for publication Friday, the Ma'ariv daily reported.

    Intelligence assessments received by the defense establishment concur that once Iran passes the point of no return in its nuclear efforts, the entire Middle East will enter a frantic nuclear armament race. Egypt and Saudi Arabia are expected to take the lead should such a scenario become reality.

    At the end of 2007 the US and Israel are expected to hold a joint assessment to ascertain the influence of economic sanctions against Iran.

    A new package of upgraded sanctions prepared jointly by Israel and the US, includes exerting pressure on European governments to cancel US $22 billion in loan guarantees given annually to European companies trading with Iran.

    The new package also includes sanctions against banks working with Iran, non-renewal of oil infrastructure in Iran and a long series of economic actions that are meant to seriously hurt the Iranian economy.

    Following the end-of-year assessment, Washington will decide how to move forward in the struggle against Iran's nuclear race.

    Members of the international community - the US and Israel leading - are convinced that Iran's race to enrich uranium is aimed at producing nuclear weapons. The Islamic Republic, on its side, insists it is looking for energy sources that would be an alternative to fossil fuels.

    Iran has so far remained defiant in face of the demands voiced by the international community that it make its nuclear program transparent to UN-mandated monitoring.
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    PhilosophyGenius Guest
    The top comment must have taken a while to put together.

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    simuvac Guest

    German authorities warn of terror threat

    I don't know if this is related, but here's a broad and nonspecific terror threat reported by the Germans. What draws my attention is the fact that these supposed threats are in Europe AND the United States, and they are compared with the pre-9/11 period.

    German police are on a state of high alert following intelligence warnings of a major terrorist threat. Deputy Interior Minister August Hanning said they knew of no detailed plan, but that there had been a spate of suspicious activity.

    Comparing the situation to that prior to the September 11th 2001 attacks, Hanning said: "We've got indications that incidents are planned in the region as well as throughout Europe and the United States. I don't see any reason to panic, but I do believe there is reason for increased awareness".

    Germany has some 3000 soldiers in Afghanistan and that military operation is seen both as a possible target - a German convoy was ambushed only last week - and as a justification for a strike on the mainland itself. "I fear the day will come when attacks happen in Germany," said Hanning. "I would remind you of the suitcase bombers who were are able to plan their attacks and it was only down to luck that there were not a lot of victims."

    Last summer suitcases packed with explosives were placed in trains in the Cologne area; the devices only failed to go off because of faulty detonators. Five people in Germany and Lebanon are facing charges over that aborted attack.

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    PhilosophyGenius Guest
    At this point terror alerts don't mean anything anymore. But since it's from Germany, who knows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilosophyGenius
    At this point terror alerts don't mean anything anymore. But since it's from Germany, who knows.
    Seriously. When the GERMANS are nervous, it's time to pay attention...

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