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Thread: Colbert "Confused" By Republican Candidate Ron Paul - Video Inside

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    Colbert "Confused" By Republican Candidate Ron Paul - Video Inside

    Colbert 'confused' by Republican candidate Ron Paul

    (Gold9472: Video is at the source. Pretty funny.)

    David Edwards and Muriel Kane
    Published: Thursday June 14, 2007

    On Wednesday, Stephen Colbert welcomed Ron Paul to The Colbert Report, saying, "With my help, he could become the Republican Mike Gravel."

    "I'm not sure how to feel about you," Colbert told Paul, "but I'm passionately ambivalent. You voted against the Patriot Act, you voted again the Iraq War. But you also hate taxes and you hate gun control. You are an enigma wrapped in a riddle nestled in a sesame seed bun of mystery. Are you a Republican or are you not a Republican?"

    "You're confused, because I'm a constitutionalist and you haven't met one in a long time, responded Paul, launching into a defense of our constitutional freedoms.

    "I'd rather be alive than free and dead," insisted Colbert in his right-wing persona. "That's what they say but they're wrong about that," answered Paul. "I'd rather be free and alive. And you can be. You do not have to give up your liberties in order to be safe."

    Paul explained that he is against wars because they only increase government power and he is against every form of big government. As Colbert read out a list, Paul raised his hand higher and higher to agree he would abolish the Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy, the IRS, FEMA, the UN, NATO, the Interstate Commerce Commission, NAFTA, the WTO -- and even UNICEF, though not so much, "It wouldn't be one of my targets, he said.

    At The Largest Minority, Manila Ryce blogs, "Stephen gave Republican candidate Ron Paul credit where credit is due, pointing out the similarities libertarians have with liberals, in opposing the war and The Patriot Act."

    "And though Colbert was respectful, he did not let Paul get away as easily as fellow liberals Stewart and Maher have," Ryce continues. "Instead, he pointed out the differences between Paul’s far-right ideology and that held by the left. Stephen’s audience obviously wanted to cheer for Paul, but seemed thoroughly confused after they realized that the enemy of your enemy isn’t always your friend."
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    Funny as hell. I love Ron Paul...

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