This Is Not The Controlled Demolition Movement

Jon Gold

Yesterday, the Associated Press reported on some questions that ex-CIA case officer Robert Baer has about 9/11. Putting aside his attempt at linking Iran to 9/11, the one thing that stood out to me in that article was how AP described the "conspiracy theorists" (the 9/11 Truth Movement) as a group of people that "think the U.S. government destroyed the World Trade Center." Is that what we're known for? Is that what we're all about?


However, with all of the attention Controlled Demolition gets within this movement, I can understand why someone might think that. Not the media. Lord knows they've helped to create that appearance with their hit pieces that focus solely on whether or not a missile hit the Pentagon, and whether or not the WTC was brought down by Controlled Demolition. It's easier for the media to deal with us if we're only about one or two issues.

There are OTHER aspects to 9/11 Truth that don't involve "science," and it's time they start getting AS MUCH attention, if not more.

Today, most of our signs say, "WTC7," "9/11 Was An Inside Job," "9/11 Was A Black Op," and "USA Did 9/11." Signs in the movement used to say, "Support The 9/11 Families," and "Call For A New Investigation." Those points are just as valid today, as they were 4-5 years ago.

When most people get on the television, the first thing they do is talk about Controlled Demolition. When most people are interviewed on the radio, the first thing they do is talk about Controlled Demolition.

We can not allow the media or anyone else for that matter help create the image that all we're about is how we "think the U.S. government destroyed the World Trade Center."

In the last year, we've seen family members declare the 9/11 Commission "derelict in its' duties", and question the "entire veracity" of the 9/11 Report. We've seen family members call for an entirely new investigation into the 9/11 attacks. We've seen a documentary released endorsed by the family members that calls into question the entire 9/11 Report. We've seen a petition released by the family members calling for the declassification of pertinent 9/11 documentation. We've seen family members support the 9/11 Truth Movement by appearing at a recent conference in Arizona. Recently, family members filed a petition with NIST, and we learned that new family members, John and Bev Titus, spoke out in support of the truth.

When Fahrenheit 9/11 was released, those of us in the movement would stand outside of movie theaters and chant, "There's More To The Story." Some of us even got angry with Michael Moore because his movie only told half-truths.

If this movement continues to make Controlled Demolition its' focal point, then we are no better than Michael Moore.

9/11 Truth is about absolute accountability, and absolute truth regarding the attacks of 9/11. Each question we have, each piece of evidence we find, are all a part of acheiving those goals.