Protesters clash with police ahead of G8 Summit

(Gold9472: I love how Fox invents what the protesters are protesting over. "They're a bunch of communists, environmentalists, etc...")

Published: Saturday June 2, 2007

ROSTOCK, Germany - Several hundred protestors taking part in a demonstration against next week's G8 summit hurled Molotov cocktails, bottles and fireworks at police Saturday.

The stone-throwing demonstrators, many wearing black masks and hoods, appeared to be from far-left groups, AFP reporters at the scene said.

A police spokesman said: "They were definitely seeking a confrontation with the police."

Police brought the situation in Rostock, a northeastern port near the G8 venue of Heiligendamm, under control.

Eyewitnesses said some demonstrators appeared to have been injured in the clashes.

Earlier, a group of a dozen demonstrators smashed the windows of a police car.

Police said 25,000 people were taking part in the protest, far fewer than the 100,000 predicted by the organisers, a collection of anti-globalisation and anti-poverty campaigners.

The Rostock demonstration kicks off a week of protests against the three-day summit of the leaders of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States, which starts on Wednesday.

The following video clips are from CNN's Saturday Morning and Fox's Fox & Friends. Both were broadcast on June 2.

Video available at the source link.