During a panel of 4 on spindoctoring, two brave members of the audience tried to raise questions about 9/11. The first one was impressive little lady from Manhattan who held up a jar of 9/11 debris and asked what the panelists thought. Fellow from Newsweek - self-proclaimed investigative journalist - said that 9/11 had already been investigated by experts and blew her off. Moderator, after second lady raised WTC 7 question, said NO MORE 9/11 STUFF. Do you love it? I was frothing at the mouth, wanting to lay some Griffin words on that Newsweek idiot, who implied he had researched the subject and spewed purebred NIST and POPULAR MECHANICS b.s. They try to cut us off at every turn. We just have to keep bringing it up, up and up. I am wearing my 9/11 t-shirt now every time I go shopping - starting to smell like it - and still batting 1.000 - that is to say, every person who has done more than stare at me has been on side, albeit uninformed. So I tried to impart some reality within the limitations of the moment. We need 10,000 people wearing these all over, to get some attention focused on us. Maybe if people here in Milwaukee see more than one guy decked out thusly they won't conclude that I am just a nut case. There is power in showing the flag, so to speak.