Cheney Links 9/11 To Iraq Yet Again In Front Of The Heritage Foundation


(Gold9472: "a war whose central front, in the opinion and actions of the enemy, is Iraq" He's right. America's enemy (Dick Cheney) chose Iraq as the "central front in the war on terrorism." This man needs to be read his rights, handcuffed, and put in a holding cell without bail until we can get the 9/11 Trials started. To learn more about the Heritage Foundation, read this article from entitled, "The Global Dominance Group.")

Today, as the United States faces a new kind of enemy and a new kind of war, the far left is again taking hold of the Democratic Party's agenda. The prevailing mindset, combined with a series of ill-considered actions in the House and Senate over the last several months, causes me to wonder whether today's Democratic leaders fully appreciate the nature of the danger this country faces in the war on terror -- a war that was declared against us by jihadists, a war in which the United States went on offense after 9/11, a war whose central front, in the opinion and actions of the enemy, is Iraq.


Obviously, the terrorists have no illusion about the importance of the struggle in Iraq. They have not called it a distraction or a diversion from their war against the United States. They know it is a vital front in that war, and it's where they have chosen to make a stand. Our Marines are fighting al Qaeda terrorists in Anbar province. U.S. and Iraqi forces recently killed al Qaeda terrorists in Baghdad, who were responsible for numerous bomb attacks. Iraq's relevance to the war on terror simply could not be more plain. Here at home, that makes one thing, above all, very clear: If you support the war on terror, then it only makes sense to support it where the terrorists are fighting us.