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Thread: Dear 9/11 Family Members,

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    Dear 9/11 Family Members,

    Dear 9/11 Family Members,

    With deepest respect, admiration, and sympathy, I am writing to you today. Each word is being carefully selected so as not to disrespect you, or your loved ones. I've thought long and hard about what I'm about to say, and I see no other alternative.

    Before I begin, I would like to say a few words. I'm sorry. I'm sorry because deep down I know I had something to do with the loss of your loved one(s). Me, and every other American that has sat idly by for so many years, allowing the system that brought about the 9/11 attacks, flourish in Washington D.C., and beyond. By not caring about the vote, by being more concerned with that new television show, that new car, that new computer, that new mall, that new amusement park, that new movie, that new music sensation, that new celebrity, and so on, we have neglected, and have forgotten what it means to be a citizen in this country. As a result, ultimately, 2,973+ people were murdered on September 11th, 2001.

    I'm sure that is a motivating factor for a great many members of the 9/11 Truth Movement. We feel somewhat responsible for what happened, and we want to make it up to you as best as we can. I know your pain will never go away. By talking with fellow family members, Bob McIlvaine, Donna Marsh O'Connor, and Michele Little, I know that every mention of that day is painful for you. I hope that if we prevail, and truth & justice are served, that may ease your suffering. If only just a little bit.

    You may or may not have noticed, but recently Rosie O'Donnell has openly questioned the attacks of 9/11 on her ABC show, "The View". Her focus was on the collapse of WTC7. I know that some of you may think that the idea of "Controlled Demolition" is absurd. For a very long time, I resisted even talking about it because I didn't want to come across as "crazy". It wasn't until Professor Steven E. Jones came out that I even gave it a second thought. To this day when I talk to someone, I will not "lead" with Controlled Demolition. Others within the movement think that is the "foundation" for this movement, and should be promoted at every opportunity.

    On 10/17/2006, I wrote an article entitled, "A Challenge To The Media" that referred to the family members that fought for the creation of the 9/11 Commission, that started the fight for truth, as "the original members of the 9/11 Truth Movement". I could be wrong, but one could consider their efforts, and the work that they did as the "foundation" for this movement.

    As a result of Rosie's actions, the mainstream media has taken it upon themselves to attack Rosie. They have called her a "fat slob", a "terrorist sympathizer", and a few other things that I really don't even think are worth mentioning. The one thing that they are saying repeatedly that means something is that she is disrespecting the family members that lost loved ones on that horrible day. I don't know who Rosie O'Donnell is other than the few movies I've seen her in, and I don't know her politics. That being said, when they attack her for asking a legitimate question about 9/11, then they are attacking us as well. The name calling we can deal with. The attempts at painting us as "Holocaust Deniers" and "America Haters" are easy to deal with. Saying that what we are doing is disrespecting you, is not something easily overcome.

    I have tried in the past to overcome that by pointing out that I and we have been supporting you from the very beginning. By showing my collection of 9/11 family related articles, and by writing a piece addressing this very issue entitled, "You're Dishonoring The Family Members". I have also done my very best to reach out to family members that are still trying to find the truth. I asked Bob McIlvaine what he thought about this issue, and he said, "asking questions does not dishonor or disrespect 9/11 family members. Asking questions does make family members irritable and anxious, primarily because they have ignored available 9/11 info. The truth must be heard, regardless who it hurts."

    In a little write-up of mine entitled, "Why Is 9/11: Press For Truth Important?", I said, "It does not promote a theory. One of the problems people have with the 9/11 Truth Movement is the fact that we have already passed judgment. "9/11 was an inside job", "Elements of our Government were complicit in the attacks", etc... In America, you are innocent until proven guilty. That being said, there is a PLETHORA of information that exists that indicates if a real investigation were to take place, the conclusion would most assuredly be the same."

    I still believe that today. I believe enough information exists to start criminal proceedings. I think it would be irresponsible of us as citizens to ignore information like that if it exists, and it does. However, if passing judgment has made some of you "irritable and anxious", then I do apologize. It has never been mine or the movement's intention to hurt you further.

    As I described earlier, the efforts of the family members that fought for the creation of the 9/11 Commission might be considered the "foundation" of the 9/11 Truth Movement. Part of those efforts were compiling a list of questions that was submitted to the 9/11 Commission in the hopes that they would answer them. Unfortunately, they only touched on, at best, 30% of the questions, and ignored the rest.

    One of those questions happened to be for Mayor Rudolph Giuliani:

    "On 9/11, no aircraft hit WTC 7. Why did the building fall at 5:20 PM that evening? Larry Silverstein is heard on a PBS tape saying "I remember getting a call from the, E.R., fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, "We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it." And they made that decision to pull and we watched the [WTC 7] building collapse," said Larry Silverstein, WTC Leaseholder. - PBS (9/10/02) Does "pull" mean demolished? What do you know about this?

    Granted, if you want to believe a spokesman for Silverstein Properties, Mr. Dara McQuillan, then "the Commander told Mr. Silverstein that there were several firefighters in the building working to contain the fires. Mr. Silverstein expressed his view that the most important thing was to protect the safety of those firefighters, including, if necessary, to have them withdraw from the building", and that's what he meant by his "pull it" remark.

    However, the original question, "Why did the building fall at 5:20 PM that evening?" has yet to be answered.

    This past anniversary at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., family members, Donna Marsh O'Connor, Cristina Kminek, and Michele Little held a press conference (realplayer required) that called for a new investigation into the attacks of 9/11. At the end of Michele Little's presentation, she also made a reference to the unanswered question of how WTC7 collapsed.

    The point is, Rosie was not the first to ask this question, and until the question is adequately answered, I can assure you she won't be the last.

    There are a multitude of other unanswered questions, and it is critically imperative that they are. As Bob McIlvaine also said, "The truth must be heard, regardless who it hurts." Too many people are dying right now because the truth of that horrible day has been distorted, and it needs to stop.

    As I have pointed out in this letter, some family members have been active, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank them. They are some of the bravest individuals I know, and it is an honor knowing them. I also know that there are family members trying to deal with the atrocity of the clean-up at Ground Zero. Sally Regenhard and many others.

    Bill Doyle, a 9/11 family member that is on the board of the "Coalition Of 9/11 Families" has stated that about half of the family members that his organization represents, feel that the questions about 9/11 have not been answered.

    As I said, some family members have been active, but I think in order for us to succeed, we are going to need more of you speaking out. That is the purpose of this letter. To ask that if you can find the strength to endure the pain, to please start speaking out in support of the truth.

    I feel we are almost at the tipping point, and a surge from the family members might help us just enough to turn the tide in our favor.

    We are not trying to disrespect you. We are not trying to use you. We were also attacked on 9/11, and we also seek truth & justice for those atrocities.

    Again, this letter is written with the deepest respect, admiration, and sympathy for all of you. I hope you know that.

    Sincerest Regards,

    Jon Gold
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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