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Thread: Terrorist attack in Montreal, Canada? gunman goes on rampage

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    thumper Guest

    Terrorist attack in Montreal, Canada? gunman goes on rampage

    i find the timing suspicious, since they've been trying to ban guns for a while now.

    MONTREAL, Quebec (CNN) -- A gunman was killed by police and at least 19 students were wounded after a Wednesday shooting at Dawson College in downtown Montreal, police said.

    One student later died of her wounds, police spokesman Olivier Lapointe said. Radio Canada quoted Montreal Police Chief Yvan Delorme as saying the victim was a woman in her 20s.

    Initial reports indicated that as many as four people, including two gunmen, had been killed, but Delorme told CNN that only the single gunman was killed. Police were looking for other possible suspects, he said.

    Students said mayhem ensued after the gunman opened fire outside the college before taking his weapons into the school's atrium, near a cafeteria where students were eating lunch. (Watch students flee the scene -- 1:38)

    One student told Global News in Montreal that the shooter was in his early 20s and was wearing a trench coat.

    "He was saying nothing, just shooting. He told people to get away, and that was it," the student said.

    Another student, Daniel Mightley, 21, said he was outside the college, heading to lunch, when he saw a shooter to his right. The gunman, who was wearing a black trench coat and had a Mohawk, fired a shot and "everybody just ran inside," he said.

    "I saw his face and he had no emotion in his face whatsoever," Mightley said. "He was walking very slowly toward us and just shooting."

    Delorme would not comment on a motive, but said the shootings were not hate crimes or terror-related.Asked to describe the shooter, Delorme said only that he had three weapons.

    Police responding to an unrelated call saw the shooter about 12:41 p.m. outside the college and followed him inside where a shootout broke out, leaving the gunman dead, Delorme said.

    Five of the wounded were critically hurt, and four more were seriously injured, hospital officials said.

    Six of those needed surgery, a Montreal General Hospital spokeswoman said. All surgeries were scheduled to be complete by Wednesday evening, she said.

    The spokeswoman said at least 15 victims were brought to area hospitals. Eleven patients were transported to Montreal General and four or five more were taken to two other area hospitals to ease the burden on Montreal General, she said.

    Among the wounds being treated were gunshots to the head, abdomen, chest, arms and legs, she said. (Watch witnesses describe escaping through pools of blood -- 3:44)

    why do we never get incidents like this in Switzerland, where they have a higher gun ownership per capita???

    that's because their kids arent loaded on prozac and they don't have MK ULTRA agents all over the place, that's why!!!

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    PhilosophyGenius Guest
    Damn, your paranoid.

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    MrDark71 Guest
    Sounds like someone watched Taxi Driver too many times.

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    PhilosophyGenius Guest
    2 people voted "don't know"!?


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