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Thread: Questions And Answers With 9/11 Family Member: Bob McIlvaine

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    Questions And Answers With 9/11 Family Member: Bob McIlvaine

    Questions And Answers With 9/11 Family Member: Bob McIlvaine

    Jon Gold

    A little under 2 and a half years ago, members of the 9/11 Truth Movement held what were called "The 9/11 Omission Hearings" in New York City. At the time, I could not attend those, but I did attend the "9/11 People's Commission" in Washington D.C. I remember the impatience I felt waiting for some kind of media from the NYC Hearings. Originally, 4 recordings were released that went through the highlights only. When they were released, I pulled up my chair, and intently listened to every single word. That is the first time I heard Bob McIlvaine. When he started to cry, I burst into tears, and remember that moment like it was yesterday. I remember feeling so angry that this man had to feel this way. I couldn't find those recordings, but the audio of Mr. McIlvaine is available here.

    In March of last year, I had the pleasure of having dinner with Mr. McIlvaine. The purpose of the dinner was to convince a friend of Rep. Weldon's that he needed to meet with us. As it turns out, it worked. Mr. McIlvaine also gave me the honor of interviewing him. One of the things I admire about him is the fact that he is so incredibly honest when he speaks.

    Recently, at the 9/11 Accountability Conference, I got to spend some quality time with Mr. McIlvaine. If I remember correctly, I even got the chance to buy him breakfast. If you haven't watched it yet, I suggest you watch the Welcome and Mission Statement from Arizona.

    Bobby McIlvaine was an amazing individual. I was reading through his bio the other day, and I couldn't believe his achievements. He graduated from Princeton University, and managed to get a job at Merrill Lynch as "Assistant Vice President For Media Relations." He was also engaged to be married for a 2002 wedding. My sincerest condolences Jennifer.

    Because of Mr. McIlvaine's honesty, I wanted the chance to question him about a few things. Being the kind individual that he is, he has granted me that opportunity. Here is the result.

    1. Very often, members of the 9/11 Truth Movement hear, "You're being disrespectful to, or dishonoring the family members". In your eyes, how true is that statement?

    Asking questions does not dishonor or disrespect 9/11 family members. Asking questions does make family members irritable and anxious, primarily because they have ignored available 9/11 info. The truth must be heard, regardless who it hurts.

    2. At the recent Arizona conference, a reporter by the name of Stephen Lemons disrupted Friday morning's press conference by being loud, and asking questions about Holocaust Denial. When you started to speak, he started getting loud, and someone pointed out to him that you are the father of someone lost on 9/11. He responded by saying, "Who cares?" What would you have said to Mr. Lemons had you heard what he said?

    During press conferences I have learned to keep my temper in check. At that moment I would have said; "I care, my wife cares, my son cares, and all my relatives care." If I were alone with Lemons I would probably entice him to take a swing at me and then whatever happens, happens. Noam Chomsky has also publicly stated; "who cares, 9/11 is of no significance."

    3. When you speak of Bobby, you often mention the phrase, "Knowledge Is Power". In trying to understand your son's death, what reports/books have you read?

    In the last 51/2 years I have read at least a hundred books and many, many reports and documents. I have covered the entire century trying to fully understand how this world works. I also have read the majority of 9/11 books. To understand 9/11, it is important to know how governments work, especially the clandestine aspect. What I have learned is that all governments have a total disregard for human life. The "ends will always justify the means." Ben Hecht’s Perfidy has probably had the most profound influence on my outlook concerning governments. As Ben stated in his preface; "I have no reverence for the all-powerful and bewildered face of government. I see it as a lessening of the human being, and a final looting of his birthright-the survival of his young. I see it as an orge with despair in its eyes."

    4. To my knowledge, you attended every hearing of the 9/11 Commission. Of the people that testified before the Commission, which ones were you interested in the most, and what questions weren't asked of them that you would have like to have seen asked?

    There is no reason to talk about the 9/11 Commission. It was a sham and a farce. As Ben-Veniste stated; "this is not an investigation but merely an exposition." Or as Bob Kerry stated: "We’re not here to blame anyone." Their only job was to parrot the government’s story.

    5. One of the questions we hear within the movement a lot is, "Where are the family members that think as we do? Why aren't they speaking out?" In the past, you have told me that a lot of the family members have tried to move on. To try and ease the pain by not focusing on the event. Do you think if the movement gains enough momentum, or enough attention that more family members will start to speak out?

    I believe more families will begin to speak out. More are reading and browsing the internet. As they become more knowledgeable they will develop the confidence to speak up.

    6. What words of wisdom could you share with the "Anti-War Movement" to help them understand that the truth of 9/11 is their cause as well?

    Although I support the anti-war movement and I believe that all wars are evil, I do think that the movement is missing the point. Obviously 9/11 is the root cause of everything. Many of the people in the movement supported the occupation of Afghanistan, believing that Afghan was the home of terrorism. The "war on terrorism" is a hoax. The government has lied to us since 3000 people died on 9/11/2001. The whole system is rotten and the Iraq occupation is just a rotting branch on a tree that is dead and must be dug up by the roots and replanted.

    7. If you had the opportunity to have Dick Cheney under oath, what questions would you like him to answer?

    Big Dick, even under oath, would continue to lie. He has no conscience. Therefore, I would ask some yes and no questions.
    • Do you believe in truth and justice?
    • Do you believe that the "ends justifies the means"?
    • Do you believe in the death penalty?
    • What is the punishment for Treason?
    • Should people be put to death for first degree murder?
    • Is protecting our nation part of your job description?
    • Is finding the truth about my son’s murder more important than protecting the nation’s security?
    • If I could prove that you helped orchestrate the murder of my son, do you think this revelation would put our country in jeopardy?
    • Finally, should public officials be executed if it’s proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they were guilty of murder in the first degree?

    Thanks again Mr. McIlvaine. It's an honor knowing you.
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    nice interview

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    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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