9/11 Action Alert: Write And Call Your Representative Now!!!

Sent by the National Whistleblower Center (whistleblowers.org), this action should be taken by every reader, immediately. We encourage you not just to send an email, but to call your Representative and follow up with a fax--"Please Vote NO on Amendments 3 and 4 to H.R. 985, the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act." (For quick access to information on how to contact your Rep, see the link to Congress.org's handy tool, in our left-hand column here under "Get Involved.") If we are ever to truly determine and expose the truth of 9/11/01, it must be possible for whistleblowers to come forward without fear of retaliation. Just this weekend we learned, through an FBI whistleblower, that illegal, warrantless spying has been more widespread than we even imagined. Please help support more in coming forward. — Ed.


Yesterday, our staff asked for your help, on behalf of all Federal employee-whistleblowers, in supporting H.R.985, the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2007. If passed as written, H.R. 985 is a landmark piece of legislation that would sure up protections for government whistleblowers and close the dangerous loopholes that exist in the current laws.

Unfortunately, several last minute amendments have been proposed which would completely undermine the intent of the bill. The floor vote for H.R. 985 has been scheduled for tomorrow, and if these “poisoned pen” amendments are approved, the bill will be completely ineffective in protecting federal employee-whistleblowers from retaliation when they raise concerns of misconduct at work.

We are asking again for your help. Please send an urgent email letter to your Representative to make them aware of the injurious effect that these amendments will have on this legislation. Your letter will ask your Representative to support the bill, but to oppose the amendments that would destroy it.

The most egregious of these amendments are:

* Amendment number 3,offered by Representative Pete Hoekstra (MI), which would strike the section of the bill that extends whistleblower protection to national security whistleblowers, such as employees of the FBI, CIA and the Dept. of Homeland Security.

* Amendment number 4, offered by representative Tom Davis (VA), would bar whistleblowers from having their claims heard in all federal courts, but rather continue the practice of funneling all whistleblower claims through one court, the Federal Circuit, which has been noted for its hostile decisions toward employees in the past.

We need your help to defeat these unacceptable amendments and retain the strength of H.R. 985 as it was originally drafted.

Please send this email to your representative today, and pass this on to any interested parties. Click here to sign a petition advocating stronger laws for whistleblowers

Thank you,

The National Whistleblower Center Staff