The 2005 9/11 Congressional Briefing Hosted By Rep. Cynthia McKinney
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(Gold9472: Make sure you make time to watch these. I have not even seen all of these before.)

For those people who haven't seen it, here is Cynthia McKinney's historic Congressional Briefing, in three parts, posted here for educational purposes. If you are unfamiliar with this briefing, you can download the transcript here.

PART ONE - 696 mb .avi

Introduction by Verna Avery Brown, Opening Remarks by Cynthia McKinney, blessing by pastor Rebecca West, a critique of the 911 Commission Report read by Lorie Van Auken, accompanied by Monica Gabrielle and Mindy Kleinberg, further critique by John Judge, followed by ex-CIA analyst Mel Goodman's criticism of the very structure of the Commission, Paul Thompson examines NORAD/FAA response, Nafeez Ahmed examines the "al Qaeda" links, John Newman discusses Omar Saeed Sheikh, Marilynn Rosenthal dicusses prior knowledge (forewarnings) - approx. 3.5 hours

Loretta Napoleoni's testimony lost due to technical glitch, but you can read her testimony in the pdf linked above.

PART TWO - 697 mb .avi

Ann Norton's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED history of the Neocons and Leo Strauss, Peter Dale Scott on 9/11 and Deep Politics, Nafeez Ahmed extends the theme - examing the Muj specifically, Wayne Smith discusses International Law, Bob McIlvaine discusses his attempts to make a difference after the loss of his son, (the next segments focus on Civil Liberties - comments from Jumana Musa - Amnesty International, Elaine Cassel - Civil Rights lawyer, Rebecca Daugherty on Freedom of the Press), Mel Goodman criticizes the "Intelligence Reform" followed by McGovern - approx. 4 hours

(The above two Parts encompass the bulk of the Briefing. Part three is short, here for completeness. McGovern's statement repeats for continuity as it is cut short at end of Part 2.)

PART THREE - 348 mb .avi

Former high-level CIA analyst Ray McGovern further demolishes the Commission, ex-CIA analyst David MacMichael gives a short history of useless Commissions, John Nutter talks about Covert ops, concluding remarks by McKinney - approx. 1 hour

There is a panel on the side that periodically asks questions of the people giving their statements. The panel consists of Ray McGovern, Wayne Madsen, Michael Ruppert and one other gentlemen that I do not recognize (can anyone help on that?). Ruppert fans: At the 2:01:49 mark in Part One, Ruppert busts out some MIHOP. Mr. Goodman is left aghast.

Controlled demolition is not discussed in this briefing. Arguably, CD didn't become the overwhelming topic of discussion for 9/11 skeptics that it is today until Steven Jones came on the scene in early 2006.