9/11 ballot question meets signature quota


Published: Friday, January 12, 2007

The Burlington 9/11 group gathering signatures for a ballot question asking whether a new investigation into the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have met their quota.

Director of Elections Jo Lamarche said the group on Friday submitted the last of the 1,348 signatures of registered voters necessary to put the question before voters on Town Meeting Day.

The number is 5 percent of the 26,966 registered voters in the city. Lamarche said supporters of the question submitted a few more signatures than were required.

The question asks whether Vermont’s congressional delegation should be advised “to demand a new, thorough and truly independent forensic investigation” of the events of Sept. 11.

Marc Estrin, spokesman for the group which circulated the petition, said that so far as he knows the Burlington ballot question will be the first of its sort in the country. He and other supporters of the question say the official 9/11 Commission Report, released in 2004, failed to address numerous questions raised by members of the intelligence community, victims’ families, law enforcement and fire officials and others.

E-mails about the ballot question have flowed into the Free Press from around the country since late December. Virtually all of the e-mails have supported reopening the investigation.