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Thread: Pure Coincidence...

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    orAntilogic Guest

    Pure Coincidence...

    I really do believe this is purely a coincidence (unless anyone noticed another big square on GW's back), but has anyone else noticed how it seems GW reacts to the crash into the South Tower? The piece titled Last Chance - 9/11 Timeline shows a number of simultaneous video sources next to each other, and if I didn't know better it seems as though George gets all excited when it happens. This small portion of the film shows it. It's honestly just silly, but worth a glance.

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    aceace Guest
    When your involved with the occult (skull & bones, bohemian grove) maybe its a natural unconscious reaction when death & devastation hit. 911 has become so obvious to me as the work of this group.

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    werther Guest
    I am not convinced that G. W. Bush was in on the events, though I am certain that the lot that surrounds him were.

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    royster Guest
    That group of people actually feed off the energies generated by fear and devastation. Duh-byuh was no doubt getting a metaphysical "snort of cocaine".
    Note the generals sit safely in their bunkers during major attacks, watching it on screen; they are absorbing the energies from those devastations. Any junkie addicted to that type of shock would of course live in the realm of military/industrial complex.

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    beltman713 Guest
    Sounds like a Star Trek episode.

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