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Thread: We The People Must Win The War On Earth!

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    We The People Must Win The War On Earth!

    We the People Must Win the War on Earth!

    by sherry clark

    For many Americans, it's impossible to think that Lady Liberty has been sold down the river. Many feign or even seek ignorance of America's foreign and domestic atrocities so as not to disrupt their busy lives. Ask most Americans how they're doing, they'll say they're busy. Ask them what they're doing, they'll say, "Nothing." While most Americans say they "support our troops" they're actually busy doing nothing.

    If all men are created equal, how do innocent Iraqis get shock and awe while Americans get shocking, awesome deals at Wal-Mart! Washington and all of us have unwittingly traded the Land of the Free with the home of low prices, guaranteed! And for that trade, I guarantee we will continue to pay the highest price...

    The last time I flew the "friendly skies." I hadn't gotten my "water can be made into bombs" memo, so before I could enter the terminal, I had to throw out $5 worth of water and coffee I had just bought. Water! Coffee! Fingernail Clippers, Oh My! After they dumped the contents of my purse, they found some expensive perfume. I understood what was likely coming, so in my calmest voice I said, "Do what you have to do."

    The guard appreciated the respect that I showed her position of power, so she wanted to do me a favor. She asked me if I had a baggie. Unfortunately I was all out of baggies, and I didn't have time to go back to the Airport gift shop that sold the explosive water in search of them. But my new friend, the airport security guard took pity on me, and she pulled out Homeland Security's solution for terrorism...a fold down baggie. She put my perfume in the baggie and put it back in my purse so I could board the plane. Federal Intelligence has found that terrorists can make bombs out of coffee and water, but those fold down baggies foil the plots every time!

    After I returned home and unpacked, I learned that the Transportation Security Administration had taken 3 of the 8 books I had had in my checked luggage...all 3 of the confiscated books dealt with the events of 9-11. Proving that our government knows the Truth is explosive indeed, and no baggie can contain its power! We the people need to learn the first lesson in fighting war...know thine enemy...first we must know, who are the terrorists? This seems to be the fatal flaw in this war on Tara.

    When King George declared war on Tara, I assumed it was his Texan dialect I heard in his pronunciation. But then I realized something most disturbing...that Tara is earth. If the enemy was actually Osama Bin Ladin and he hasn't been found and the rate of terrorism in the world has increased as a result of our own government's actions, then we aren't doing a very good job of winning the war on terror. But King George does seem to be winning the war on earth. I see evidence of him winning that war very strategically. Here are some of the signs:
    • Torture,
    • The suspension of habeas corpus,
    • Loss of search and seizure protection,
    • Gargantuan national debt,
    • Poisoned air and water,
    • The Rise of fundamentalism and intolerance,
    • The Break up of the American family,
    • Rise of empire in the name of God.

    And I have seen the faces of demons captured on film rising out of the fire and ash as the World Trade Centers burned and fell. For many around the world, there is a sense that the day of reckoning is fast approaching. As a Christian, I had always envisioned the Final Day as a supernatural event, but now I see it as a natural conclusion to our many poor choices.

    These signs validate that King George told the truth when he declared war on Tara, and he told the truth when he insisted he was winning it. If Tara means earth and the name George means "works the earth," then could it be that George declared war on earth and George works the "Tara" on his enemies to win the war on earth? Patriots, now that we know what we're fighting for, and we who our enemy is, let US win the war for Tara! Our Mother! Earth!

    Auldus Huxley said, you shall know the truth and the truth shall...make you mad. Larry Silverstein got paid not only once, but twice for the hallowed ground of the World Trade Centers. How can a Tower of Freedom stand when it's planted in the blood and bone shards of innocent Americans? The whole Tower of Freedom project stinks of dirty money, thermite, sulfur and brimstone. Will the Tower of Freedom be built on stinking sand? The September 11th families themselves should decide what happens to that hallowed ground because they paid the highest price for it! Certainly Larry Silverstein of all people should know that in a world of capitalism, valuable things, whether it's Manhattan property or a man's soul, always goes to the highest bidder.

    King George said he would make no distinction between terrorists and those who fund and harbor them. I couldn't AGREE more! Now that I have seen the signs of terrorism fostered by the Bush regime, I have the opportunity to be held blameless in funding it. This April 15th, I will send no aid to the illegitimate regime. I will support our troops with more than just a yellow magnet on my car and going shopping as King George requested. I can reduce terrorism by not sending taxes to the terrorist regime I know right here at home. I will never forget that the last two words in American are I CAN! Yes, I can! And yes! I will!

    In learning more than I ever wanted to know about this government, I actually stumbled upon some Good news! Seems the IRS has misplaced the law that forces US to pay taxes on our wages! They just can't find it anywhere! I highly recommend Aaron Russo's America: Freedom to Fascism. It was very enlightening, for if requiring us to pay taxes is unconstitutional as it suggests, then my tax boycott will be completely legal! It's a revolutionary new way to win the war on Tara! It's called Civil Obedience! Has civil obedience been outlawed? Is it illegal to tell the truth? Patriots, not only will the truth set US will set us free of taxes!

    Americans have suffered the worst case of taxation without representation this land has ever known. George isn't even the King! I'm from Ohio and I have seen irrefutable evidence that the man pretending to be our president really did take office! Precincts in Ohio subtracted so many votes; they actually reported negative numbers for John Kerry. In fact, voting statistics show Ohio was bluer than the red-necked royal blue blooded family of Texas and their bulldog, Karl Rover wanted to admit.

    We the people need a sense of finality to the 2000 and 2004 elections. Instead of cleaning up King George's black deeds one at a time...we need to take the marker out of his hands! If the elections were fraudulent as the mountain of evidence suggests, we must
    • Turn back the clock,
    • Remove the neocon gang who took office,
    • Resume the Constitution of early 2000,
    • Restore the Supreme Court sans Bush appointees, Rescind the illegitimate declaration of war,
    • Hold a special election between the rightful presidents, Kerry and Gore,
    • Set the tortured prisoners free and
    • Bring the troops home NOW!

    We can't allow King George to speak for us if we didn't choose him! We certainly can't afford him to be investigated by another impotent Kean commission, Warren commission or Friends of my daddy commission to sort out this mess! We the people deserve better than that.

    King George doesn't rule the land of terror. Nor does he reign over the land of torture and tyranny. We're The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! Right now, we're at the bottom of the ninth, Army Bases are loaded, the Kings have way more than 3 strikes against them and the Patriots are up to bat. We the people must step up to the plate, ready our swords of truth and knock it out of the park! We didn't start this game, but we've got to win it! Patriots! Let's show the Kings how we the people Play Ball!

    I am a wife and mother. I was in the midst of starting a company, and I stumbled upon something that changed the course of my life...9-11 truth...the environment...war profiteering...other things that are equally apalling.
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    Resume the Constitution of early 2000,
    Not to be a dick, but the constitution tanked out WAY before that. I've noticed that some people, even though awake, think the problems started on 911 or maybe even a few years prior. This goes back decades if not longer.

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    It goes back 50 years... the point she's trying to make is all of the legislation that has been passed since 9/11 should be reversed.
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gold9472
    It goes back 50 years... the point she's trying to make is all of the legislation that has been passed since 9/11 should be reversed.
    And on that I would agree...

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