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Thread: Tim Johnson Reportedly Suffers Stroke; Senate Power Seen In The Balance

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    Tim Johnson Reportedly Suffers Stroke; Senate Power Seen In The Balance

    Tim Johnson reportedly suffers stroke; Senate power seen in the balance

    Published: Wednesday December 13, 2006

    Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) has apparently suffered a stroke, according to various news sources.

    There is no word, currently, on the Senator's condition.

    A call from RAW STORY to Johnson's was not returned, but the office did issue the following statement to the press:

    "Senator Tim Johnson was taken to George Washington University Hospital this afternoon suffering from a possible stroke. As this stage, he is undergoing a comprehensive evaluation by the stroke team. Further details will be forthcoming when more is known."

    If Johnson were to pass away, or be forced to retire, the US Constitution delegates the task of appointing a replacement to South Dakota lawmakers, who in turn, often turn that task over to the Governor. The Governor of that state, Mike Rounds, is a Republican, and both houses of the state legislature are dominated by Republicans.

    However, in the case of South Dakota, the decision falls to Rounds, whose appointment would serve as senator until a special election held between 80 and 90 days after the vacancy.

    A different statute, though, says that the election would take place in 2008, adding that, "The general election laws shall apply unless inconsistent with this chapter."

    It is unclear at this time which of these seemingly conflicting procedures precedes the other.

    A statement from Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), who is slated to be Senate Majority Leader in the 110th Congress, reads, "Senator Johnson is a dear friend to me and to all of us here in the Senate. Every member of the United States Senate sends our best to him and to his family at this difficult time, and we wish him a full recovery."

    Johnson will turn 60 on December 29.

    GOP Rep. Mike Castle, Delaware's lone House representative, suffered two minor strokes during the 2006 election season, but recovered sufficiently to retain his office.

    Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story indicated that the governor's appointed replacement would serve until the 2008 election. That information, reported by other news agencies as well, can not be verified. RAW STORY regrets the error.
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