that are so hard to convince and this guy is a pretty good friend of mine. As I continue to send 911 articles (his reply below is in response to "The Concealed Connection" article) to people like this it responses like the one below that break my balls. If anyone wants to help dissect his reply I will send him a URL link to here once a couple of posts are up as he won't visit for the sake of just surfing by. Thanks. Oh, BTW my reply here was "that I heard only 2 people were involved in the Manhattan Project"
Yawwnnn. There is nothing new here dude and you know how interesting I find articles by unnamed or uncredible writers- who wrote this? It's no secret that we had war plans for Iraq before 9/11. It's no secret that the PNAC document spoke of the need for some sort of catastrophic "pearl harbor" event to start a war in Iraq. But I can't make the leap in logic that this means we did 9/11 to ourselves. No doubt the Bush admin took advantage of 9/11 to sell the war. I go back to the main reason why I think the conspiracy theorists are wrong: it would take dozens, maybe hundreds of people on the inside to pull it off. And not one whistleblower? Especially now that Iraq is going so poorly? Impossible.

Anyway I am weary of this debate with you. You will not change my mind with this kind of stuff. So let's move on to something else, b/c I am pretty sure I won't have the energy/desire to continue this string when I get back from my trip tonight.