The remains of the day at Ground Zero

By Jerry Mazza
Nov 28, 2006, 00:52

At Ground Zero additional remains of that awful day, September 11, 2001, have surfaced again as recently as October 20 and 22, 2006. And we need to question why these remains appeared: by pure accident: as reminder to be fearful, or to remind us to fully investigate the crime and criminals that caused them?

Reporting on October 20, The New York Daily News wrote, “Construction workers tearing up a temporary roadway at Ground Zero yesterday made an astounding discovery -- at least a dozen human remains and two wallets belonging to 9/11 victims.” Two days later, AP via ABC reported, “Workers recovered more human remains Saturday from several manholes as the city began a new search for Sept. 11 victims. . . ."

“Utility and city officials . . . hand-removed material from other manholes after tearing into the pavement on a service road along the site’s western edge . . . City officials said that about 15 more pieces of remains [brought] the total to nearly 100 this week.” reported on October 23 that at Ground Zero human remains won’t halt construction of The Freedom Tower, a 1,776 foot skyscraper, expected to be erected on the northern end of the trade center site and occupied by 2010.

The story also pointed out, “Earlier this year, nearly 300 other human bone fragments -- typically smaller than an inch -- were found atop a 41-story building near the World Trade Center site that had been badly damaged in the attacks. No remains have been identified for more than 1,150 of the 2,749 people killed in the New York attacks.”

Well, construction was halted, then begun again as the search for remains continued, according to CBS News 11/27/06. And either the earth was spitting up hastily buried secrets or they needed to surface for political reasons a month before the election. Did they remind the nation again of the "terror" attack? Yes. Could anything be so cynical, you ask. Let’s see.

Ron’s remains
Let’s take Kristen Breitweiser’s experience, described in her book, Wake-Up Call -- the Political Education of a 9/11 Widow. Kristen and her fellow widows, better known as the “Jersey Girls,” all lost their husbands on 9/11. As a result, they became the major force in petitioning a recalcitrant White House for an investigation of the single greatest "terror" attack ever on American soil.

Kristen tells us in her heartbreaking book on page 110 that her husband Ron’s “wedding band was recovered from Ground Zero with a part of his left arm. The wedding band is charred and scratched, but perfectly round and fully intact. I wear it on my right hand, and it will remain there until the day I die.”

Kristen who, like her husband, voted for Bush said, “Soon after the attacks, President Bush stated that there would come a time to look back and examine our nation’s failures, but that such an undertaking was inappropriate while the nation was still in shock . . ."

She later respectfully submitted that “a full year later, it [was] time to look back and investigate.” On page 225, we read that she pointed out to a crowd at Ohio’s Western Case University that “after Pearl Harbor a commission began investigating the attack within eleven days. ‘This administration stonewalled for over one year.’” She goes on to say . . .

“It was a battle. We gave President Bush every opportunity to do the right thing. The Senate voted ninety to eight to allocate funds . . . but then we had to have negotiations on how to investigate. We were given only three million dollars to investigate. . . . We had to negotiate with the White House all summer before they finally gave us thirteen or fourteen million dollars for the investigation to go forward.”

First of all, make note of the paltry sum received for the most important criminal investigation in US history. Second, consider that some $80 million was spent on the Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky cases against the Clintons. That would indicate that unseating the Clintons from the White House took far more precedence than finding the true perpetrators of America’s most horrific crime -- 9/11. Imagine that if you will. It happened.

But the real kicker for the courageous Breitweiser comes after the 9/11 Commission’s omissions, after her relentless battles to get the administration to appear, as Cheney and Bush finally did, hand in hand, but not under oath. After it was all over, in the summer of 2004, on the day Kristen and her young daughter finally moved from their Jersey home to start a new life on Central Park West in New York City, she received a shattering message.

Ron’s other remains
The call announced that additional body parts of her husband were found. And when she finally summoned the courage to call the medical examiner, “We were told that Ron’s right arm had been tagged and identified at nearly the same as the other arm. For some unexplained reason, the medical examiner had lost his right arm in the freezer for three years. The gentleman we spoke to was very cordial. He laid out the facts as best he could. He told me that each of the arms had been found in the same quadrant of Ground Zero . . . He could give me no explanation as to why the delay in identification had occurred.”

Her friend Mindy asked her if she’d be getting notified again, if there were “more of Ron’s body parts lying around in the freezer.” Kristen thought to herself, “Was that likely? If so, when could I expect a call? Six months? A year? The medical examiner said that I could possibly receive another call. He suggested that I not bury Ron’s remains for at least six months.”

Now how’s that for screwing around with someone’s head and making them pay for raising the dust of 9/11? How’s that for payoff, for being a hero and getting even a half-baked investigatory commission in the light of total silence? Imagine another call like that in the middle of the night.

I say someone is playing games, not just with Kristen’s head but all of ours, regarding the remains of that awful day. Just the way the steel from the Towers was supposedly all swept away and smelted, then a portion of the Twin Towers wreckage turned up in an aircraft hangar at JFK, as documented in my Aug. 7 Online Journal article. I say we’ve never been told the truth about the remains of that terrible Sept. 11. Or more importantly, about how and who really created the events and their remains. But 9/11 truth-seekers have greatly reconstructed the truth. And it’s time to look and listen.

And if you take the time to see, via the following links, the latest version of Loose Change, or 9-11 Mysteries or 911 Press For Truth and/or read any of these important books, The New Pearl Harbor by David Ray Griffin, 9/11 Synthetic Terror by Webster Tarpley, The War on Freedom by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, to mention a few, you will insist as I do now on a complete and full investigation, an independent investigation by the new Democratic Congress. This is a phase two to honor the efforts of Kirsten Breitweiser’s work and all those like her who demand justice, real justice, not the lies of the involved.

Other remains of the day
They include the remains, the particulates from the thermite/thermate explosions of 9/11 that pulverized the Towers into the air, as shown in the above DVDs. They may linger to this day, having caused serious respiratory illnesses to firemen, policemen and EMS workers from 9/11, and to the residents of the surrounding downtown area, nearby Stuyvesant High School, grade schools and businesses, as well as residents from nearby areas in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and parts of New Jersey.

They include an estimated 100,000 tons of pulverized concrete from each exploded Tower, plus the deadly asbestos they contained, plus fumes of endless fires melting plastic, wiring and steel, fumes smoldering under tons of debris for weeks and months. Not to mention the potential for depleted uranium in the pre-collapse basement explosions, interior blasts, ground level explosions, additionally from the top level collapse initiation explosions, mid-collapse squibs and final time-delayed rolls.

Additionally, there is the controlled demolition of Tower 7 ordered by owner Larry Silverstein eight hours after the morning hits, let’s say half of one of the Tower's debris. Add to that the debris created from the basement through roof explosion of Tower 6, the 10-story Customs House that left an 8-story pit.

Also, each of the 767 Boeing flights (11 and 175) hit the Towers with about 10,000 gallons of jet fuel, which burned up in about 10 minutes, shedding that intense black smoke screen that became confused with the real reasons the Towers fell. In fact, you might want to check out this linked audio-video analysis of What Really Happened.

It was the multiple explosions and subsequent collapses that caused a massive silver gray cloud to be seen hovering over Ground Zero for months. Through gray, sunshiny blue, rain, or snowy weather, it dispersed god knows how far and wide and long into the atmosphere. The detritus of this disaster settled in the lungs of all who breathed it, fatally for too many. The smoke carried with it a noxious odor that lingered miles up the West Side and across to the East Side.

The Remains of the Day, the film
The title of this film serves not just as a play on the words of 9/11’s remains of the day, but takes us into the human and historic dimensions of fascism’s remains. It is based on the 1989 Booker Prize winning novel by Kazuo Ishiguro, in which Stevens, a perfect English butler, works at the estate of his politically right-leaning Lord Darlington before the Second World War. Stevens’ obsessive sense of duty is confronted by the presence of a new housekeeper, Miss Kenton, who is capable, spirited and attractive, even to the zip-locked Stevens.

Nevertheless, Stevens’ myopic view can’t take in Miss Kenton’s moral outrage at Lord Darlington who leans further towards appeasement if not an outright embrace of Hitler, away from the war that must occur to protect the world from Nazism. But, in fact, the elites of Great Britain, as those in America, also sympathized with the Nazis, for profit and to eventually remain the ruling class with the militarist Hitler beholden to them.

Stevens knocks heads with Miss Kenton rather than share intimacies. He is willing to serve but not to see what is before him: an elitist boss about to join forces with the Third Reich. Stevens is a prototype for the sheeple of our day as well, all those so preoccupied with their jobs and lives that they no longer bother to question or resist the Bush Cabal, buying the notion of terrorists at the gate, but not the wolves ensconced in our government.

In the film, Lewis, the visiting American politician tries to open the eyes of the English aristocracy to the threat before them, to no avail. So too Stephens can’t open his own eyes to his affection for Miss Kenton. Only in retrospect, in flashbacks on a visit years later, can he put the pieces together and see what might have been for him, Kenton, and the world had he and it acted when they should have.

So too we find ourselves in the remains of the day of 9/11. Six years later, we are also in the remains of Iraq’s day, Afghanistan’s day, as well as New Orleans’ day. It’s time to rise from the remains and bring this administration to justice, to a full and independent investigation of 9/11. If not now, when? If not us, who? The dead cry out for justice and the living for peace. Let it begin. Let us look in all the dark corners to find the light.