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Thread: Bush arrest when visiting Holland in May?

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    Bush arrest when visiting Holland in May?

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    Foreign Press Foundation
    Bush arrest when visiting Holland in May?
    Wed Apr 13, 2005 09:04

    In the Netherlands coming April 29th there'll be an official verdict in
    the court case vs Bush et. al.: again charged with a string of crimes
    against humanity, 'Breach of the UN Chapter' and the Torture Convention,
    which by the way your country and the US has signed too.

    A legal 'citizens arrest' is possible too.*

    by Henk Ruyssenaars

    FPF - April 13th - 2005 - The dutch multinationals information service
    called the ''Netherlands 'News' Agency'' (ANP) - had to report it too:
    groups of people, political parties and other human rights organizations
    in Holland, as well as private citizens, have united and started in the
    city of the Hague an official court case against the State of the
    Netherlands, to force people from the dutch Ministry of Justice to arrest
    George Bush as soon as he sets foot on dutch soil in the beginning of May.

    President George Bush' sordid status as a war criminal was conformed again
    a month ago, when a 'War Crimes Tribunal' in Tokyo found U.S. President
    George W. Bush guilty of war crimes for attacking civilians with
    indiscriminate weapons and other arms during the U.S.-led anti terrorism
    operations in Afghanistan in 2001.

    The tribunal also issued recommendations for banning depleted uranium
    shells and other weapons that could indiscriminately harm people,
    compensating the victims in Afghanistan and reforming the United Nations
    in light of its failure to stop the U.S.-led operation there.

    The tribunal participants spent two years examining Bush's role as the top
    commander in the war, making eight field trips to Afghanistan and holding
    nearly 20 public hearings.

    In the Netherlands coming April 29th there'll be an official verdict in
    the court case where Bush et. al. again is charged with a string of crimes
    against humanity, 'Breach of the UN Chapter' and the Torture Convention,
    which by the way the Netherlands and the US have signed too.

    Kenneth Roth, who is the Executive Director of 'Human Rights Watch', wrote
    in a comment: "As for the many formal treaties on human rights, Henry
    Kissinger has said he believes it "unlikely" that their signatories
    "thought it possible that national judges would use them as a basis for
    extradition requests regarding alleged crimes committed outside their

    To the contrary, the Torture Convention of 1984, ratified by 124
    governments including the United States, requires states either to
    prosecute any suspected torturer found on their territory, regardless of
    where the torture took place, or to extradite the suspect to a country
    that will do so.

    Similarly, the Geneva Conventions of 1949 on the conduct of war, ratified
    by 189 countries including the United States, require each participating
    state to "search for" persons who have committed grave breaches of the
    conventions and to "bring such persons, regardless of nationality, before
    its own courts. What is new is not the concept of extraterritorial
    jurisdiction but the willingness of some governments to fulfill this duty
    against those in high places.

    Advocated is also, in case Bush doesn't want to show up, that he'll be
    declared 'Persona non Grata' in the Netherlands: forbidden to ever set
    foot - or boots - in the dutch countryside, visiting Second World War
    cemeteries* and graves or not. He might go and start visiting american and
    all other nationalities cemeteries which are filled with the victims of
    his war crimes.

    The goal is to get him in court at the ICJ in the Hague, the International
    Court of Justice - and in the Hague is the International Criminal Court
    too, the ICC. Crooked politicians and war criminals in the Netherlands
    have already - against their refusal - been heard in court, with the
    investigations going on.*

    The fact that the first attempts - torpedoed by corrupted and cowardly
    judges - didn't work out, doesn't matter. International infamous criminals
    like Henry Kissinger are now openly wanted in many countries and he had to
    flee France. War criminal and torture advocate Donald Rumsfeld is wanted
    in Germany and many other places: everywhere people are trying to get at
    those obvious criminals in a legal way too. A movement and cry for
    justice, which by the way is spreading like a Bushfire...

    Trying to show by law, that there still is some 'Justice'...

    And hoping to proof that it is not always: 'Just us'....

    Henk Ruyssenaars

    How to make a legal 'citizens arrest': Url.:

    Tokyo Tribunal - Citizens find Bush guilty of war crimes:

    United Nations - Convention against Torture and Other Cruel,
    Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment - Url.:

    Geneva convention violation - War crimes ? - Url.:

    Former PM 'Wim Kok' and other Dutch Govt's War criminals in Court:

    Sued: Defense Secretary Rumsfeld Over U.S. Torture Policies:

    Margraten cemetery - Url.:

    Two years ago, and two months before the illegal war in Iraq:
    'The United States of America has gone mad!' - John le Carré:

    Editor : Henk Ruyssenaars
    The Netherlands

    The Dutch author this far has worked abroad 4 decades for international
    media as a fully independent foreign correspondent, of which 10 years -
    also during Gulf War I - in the Arab World and the Middle East. Seeing
    worldwide that every bullet and every bomb breeds more terrorism ! - At
    present 'Persona non Grata' in Holland :-) because:

    He who travels far will often see things

    Far removed from what he believed was the Truth.

    When he talks about it in the fields at home,

    He is often accused of lying,

    For the obdurate people will not believe

    Inexperience, I believe,

    Will give little credence to my song.

    'Journey to the East' - Hermann Hesse

    'The war in Iraq is illegal' says United Nation's Secretary General Kofi
    Annan - Url.:

    A 55' seconds 'sound bite' concerning the US-Israeli 'Dogs of War' -
    'bringing democracy' everywhere.

    In the United States one already has seen the neocon administration's
    action in the streets of Los
    Angeles: armored tanks showed up at an anti-war protest, in a dark glimpse
    of the future - Url.:

    Neocon proverb: "We misused your taxmoney so you paid
    to get killed, and for your funeral, you will also be billed.''

    Colin Powell: 'It is not anti-Semitic to criticize the policies of the
    state of Israel' Said as 'US Secretary of State' in a speech at the
    'Conference on Anti-Semitism of the Organization for Security and
    Cooperation in Europe' German Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Berlin - April
    28th - 2004 - Url.:

    It can and must be done!

    Help the troops come home! Url.: - We need them
    badly to fight our so called 'governments' - Url.:


    **COPYRIGHT NOTICE** In accordance with Title 17 U. S. C. Section 107,
    any copyrighted work in this message is distributed by the Foreign Press
    Foundation under fair use without profit or payment to those who have
    expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information". -




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    beltman713 Guest
    That would be funny to see some dutch cop slap the cuffs on him.

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