Here is one of the deepest songs I've ever heard. It's about the Vietnam war and the story of a sargent named John H. Thornburg. I't a deep story on another war that our boys were put in, much like this current one, that is bullshit and got many good men killed for no good reason. The second verse is done by a rapper named R.A. the Rugged Man and it's about his father, John H. Thornburg. Anyways, it's very deep and has a lot of meaning. Here are the lyrics and below I'll post a Myspace page where this song in being hosted. I hope you listen.

Jedi Mind Tricks-Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story (Ft. R.A. The Rugged Man)

(Vinnie Paz)

I don't know why I'm over here this job is evil/
They send there to Vietnam to kill innocent people/ My mother wrote me said the President he doesn't care/ We trying to leave the footprints of America here/ They say we're trying to stop Chinese expansion/But I ain't seen no Chinese since we landed/Sent my whole entire unit thinking we can win/Against the Viet Cong guerillas there in Gia Dinh/I didn't sign up to kill women or any children/For every enemy soldier, we killing six civilians/
Yeah, and that ain't right to me/
I ain't got enough of mother fuckin' fight in me/
It frightens me and I just want to see my son and moms/But over here they dropping seven million tons of bombs/I spend my days dodging all these booby traps and mines/
And at night, praying to God that I get back alive/And I'm forced to sit back and wonder/
Why I was a part of 'Operation Rolling Thunder'/
In a fox hole with nine months left here/
Jungle like the fuckin' harbinger of death here/

(solider speaking)
I don't want to be here. I'm scared, I just want to go home.
(officer speaking)
You fucking kidding me? Don't be a pussy. Don't you love your country?
(solider speaking)
I like being here. I'm ready.

(R.A. The Rugged Man)

True story...

Call me Thorburn, John H. Staff Sergeant, Marksman/
Skilling, killing, illing/
I'm able and willing/
Kill a village elephant, rape and pillage your village/Illegitimate killers, US Military guerillas/This ain't a real war, Vietnam shit/
World War II, that's a war, this is just a military conflict/Soothing, drug-abusing, Vietnamese women screwing/
Sex, scampling and booz, and all the shit is amusing/Bitches and guns, this is every man's dream/I don't want to go home, where I'm just a ordinary human being/
Special OP, Huey chopper gun shit, run shit/
Gook run when the mini-gun spit, won't miss, kill shit/Spit four-thousand bullets a minute/
Bit the Charlie, hit trigger, hit it/
I'm in it to win it, get it/
The lieutenant hinted the villain, I've ended up killing/The killing, I did it, cripple, did it, pictures I painted is vivid, live it/
A wizard with weapons, a secret mission we about to begin it/Government funded, behind enemy lines bullets is spraying/ It's heating up, a hundred degrees/The enemy's the North Vietnamese, bitch please/Ain't no sweat, I'm told "be at ease"/
Until I see the pilot got hit, and we about to hit some trees/ crash land, American man/
Cambodia, right in the enemy hand/
Take a swig of the whiskey to calm us/
Them yellow men wearing black pajamas/
They want to harm us/They all up on us/
Bang, bang, bullet hit my chest, feel no pain/
To my left, the captain caught a bullet right in his brain/Body parts flying, loss of limbs, explosions/Bad intentions, I see my best friend's intestines/Pray to the one above, It's raining and I'm covered in mud/I think I'm dying, I feel dizzy, I'm losing blood/I see my childhood, I'm back in the arms of my mother/I see my whole life, I see Christ, I see bright lights/
I see Israelites, Muslims and Christians at peace, no fights/
Blacks, Whites, Asians, people of all types/
I must have died, then I woke up, suprised I'm alive/I'm in a hospital bed, they rescued me, I survived/
I escaped the war, came back/
But ain't escape Agent Orange, two of my kids born handicapped/
Spastic, quadriplegic, micro cephalic/
Cerebral palsy, cortical blindness, name it they had it/My son died he ain't live, but I still try to think positive/
Cause in life, God take, God give/