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Thread: South Park Episode On 9/11 Conspiracy - Video Inside

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    South Park Episode On 9/11 Conspiracy - Video Inside

    South Park Episode On 9/11 Conspiracy
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    Tonight Southpark focused on 9/11 conspiracy in their latest episode. I say 'focused on' quite loosely in that 9/11 conspiracy was really a sort of side show to the episode, and not the entire focus. While the episode covered some of the more common 'conspiracy theories', it didn't go into much detail on anything substantial in relation to the growing movement of those that question 9/11. Looking back on the last 2 years of my personal involvement in this subject I would have to say this is probably the largest, but definitely not the most even-handed, coverage given so far to 9/11 skeptics.

    I would feel remiss if I didn't make at least a few suggestions to those that will happen upon this site for the first time and then totally forget about it, and write off everyone who questions 9/11 as crazy. I hope if this is your first time to hear of 9/11 'conspiracies' that you might spend a few minutes of your time to look over a few things:
    • Click here to see a large number of credible patriots who openly question 9/11
    • Click here to watch a new documentary focused on the family members who are disgusted by the coverup of 9/11 (official website)
    • [URL-]Click here[/URL] for the most complete timeline on 9/11 before, during, and after

    If anything positive comes out of this Southpark episode I hope it is a desire for individuals to do some research on 9/11. I also hope that these individuals will realize that while some that question 9/11 may be 'crazy' (like in any grouping), it would be absurd to think that everyone who questions 9/11 is (or even a large percentage of the 40%+ who think there is a coverup are), and equally as absurd to think that our current government's corruption and willingness to lie somehow doesn't apply to 9/11.
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    South Park is my fav show. I expected them to make fun of everyone; my favorite part was Randy Marsh’s overdramatic line "We have to be brave enough to ASK QUESTIONS.” (Making fun of sheen a bit I think)

    Randy marsh kicks ass.

    They effectively presented and mocked a lot of the different theories, the sound with the fringe, they mocked things that need mocking like looking at fuzzy images for proof, or the numerical significance of the date ect, and they didn’t promote the retarded sites or use them to discredit the truth movement when mocking the more sane theories. The whole plot with was absurd and silly, I wouldn’t be offended if I was them, I think they were given free promos for a reason.

    I don’t think they were trying to discredit.

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