Nafeez Ahmed: Creating Terror

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From 1979 until 2007 ... this amorphous network designated by the term al Qaeda has functioned seamlessly as a mercenary proxy force mobilized in diverse strategic regions in the service of Anglo-American imperial expansionism. It hasn't ever had a break. The extent of it is absolutely shocking ... Western state sponsorship, indirectly and directly, of al Qaeda as a destabilizing force in strategic regions.

Meanwhile, innocent citizens are being killed. They are being killed since 1993 ... yet the policy has not shifted. On the contrary it's now escalating in the context of developling an even more catastrophic conflict with Iran.

This has damning moral implications. It means that at some level, policy makers are morally indifferent to the deaths of our own citizens in al Qaeda terrorist attacks. Other strategic imperatives, such as the control of increasingly scarce energy resources are more important. There has been a shift of priorities, something in the National Security structure, since 1979, has relegated civilian life way at the bottom.

- Nafeez Ahmed, 7-13-2007

In just over one hour, Nafeez Ahmed presents historical context for the "War on Terror" in a talk titled "Creating Terror". This is an excellent introductory talk on the causes of contemporary False Flag terrorism; a historical and sociological analysis that doesn't rely on "blowback", but blends geopolitical strategy and engineered terrorist events into a coherent paradigm of control, manipulation, and purposeful misdirection.

The talk was presented at the Indian YMCA in London, on Friday, July 13th, 2007, where Ahmed has spoken before.