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Thread: Kevin Barrett Has Been In The News A Lot Lately

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    Kevin Barrett Has Been In The News A Lot Lately

    Barrett to talk on 9/11 belief

    (Gold9472: Sorry I've been neglecting you Kevin... )


    UW-Madison lecturer Kevin Barrett will talk Sunday at the university about his controversial belief that the U.S. government was complicit in the 9/11 attacks, prompting two elected officials on Tuesday to again call for his termination.

    Barrett, a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, will appear with another member of that group, James Fetzer, on Sunday at Van Hise Hall.

    The talk, titled "A Folklorist Looks at 9/11 'Conspiracy Theories,'" is sponsored by the UW-Madison's Folklore Program. Fetzer, a professor at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, will talk about "9/11: What We Know Now That We Didn't Know Then." The talks are scheduled from 2 to 4:30 p.m., with the room to be announced.

    State Rep. Steve Nass, R- Whitewater, repeated his calls for Barrett to be removed as a university lecturer. Nass also criticized the university's sponsorship of the lecture, which is non-financial. U.S. Rep. Mark Green, Republican candidate for governor, echoed Nass' call for the university to terminate Barrett, calling his views "absurd and slanderous."

    "The taxpayers of Wisconsin and the tuition-paying families aren't interested in supporting the University of Wingnuts in Madison," Nass said in a prepared statement, calling Barrett's employment by the university "embarrassing."

    UW-Madison Provost Phil Farrell this summer had advised Barrett not to use his university position as a forum for his controversial views.

    "So far the evidence of what's happening in his course (Islam: Religion and Culture) is ... that he has been able to separate his personal opinions from what he's teaching in the class and what the students are expected to learn," Farrell said.

    He said Barrett was giving his talk as a member of the 9/11 group, not a university employee. Farrell added that once a department has decided to sponsor a lecture based on its academic value, "Speakers are pretty much free to say what they like. We don't control what they say."

    UW-Madison Folklore Program director James Leary said the talks would focus on the "legends and rumors and so-forth that circulated at the grass-roots level" about 9/11 and how they "depart from the official pronouncements of institutions like government and so forth."

    "This is an important and legitimate issue to discuss from a number of different perspectives," Leary and, "so my feeling is, in the interest of free speech and broad exchange, why not allow this?"

    Barrett agreed, saying, "If the university is not the place to be thinking about the most important event of the 21st century, where is?"

    He added that Nass' repeated calls for his resignation were becoming comical. "I'm starting to feel like Bugs Bunny and Nass is Elmer Fudd."

    Green, Nass renew calls for UW to fire instructor

    11:07 PM Sep 26, 2006

    Green and Representative Steve Nass of Whitewater reacted Tuesday
    to news that a UW- Madison department was sponsoring a lecture on
    Sunday by Kevin Barrett titled: ``9-11: Folklore and Fact.''

    Barrett says the BBC is expected to film the lecture as part of a story on those who share the view that US government officials and not terrorists are responsible for the attacks.

    He says his talk will focus on research into how folklore studies methodology can be applied to look at the movement of those who question the official version of the attacks.

    The UW-Madison folklore program is sponsoring the lecture, which Provost Patrick Farrell says is routine and perfectly appropriate.

    Barrett's Planned 9/11 Lecture Brings Backlash

    Tue 09/26/2006 - A Republican lawmaker says UW-Madison instructor Kevin Barrett's plan for a special lecture on 9/11 on campus Oct.1 should get him fired.

    Barrett has been teaching a course on Islam this semester, with strict university instructions to contain discussion of Barrett's theory^the 9/11 tragedy was orchestrated by the government.

    Barrett is now stepping outside the classroom, but still on campus, to talk about his 9/11 conspiracy theory, without any restrictions.

    A group committed to proving the 9/11 tragedy was the work of our government is hyping^Barrett's lecture on its website.

    The university's Folklore department is sponsoring Barrett's planned campus lecture.

    Barrett says his talk will be primarly about academic methodology.^ He says the 9/11 event provides a relevant example of how folklore has evolved into a web-based phenomenon in modern times.

    But Barrett says it's critical 9/11 is discussed.

    "Face it, the latest poll showed 36 percent of the American people believe it's likely the U.S. government either allowed or actually perpetrated the 9/11 attack."

    "They should fire him," Rep. Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) said.

    Nass says Barrett is breaking university ground rules.

    "Kevin Barrett is not supposed to link the university or its facilities, his classroom in particular, to advance his 9/11 theory ideas."

    In a July 20 letter, UW-Madison Provost Patrick Farrell^warned Barrett, "if you continue to identify yourself with UW-Madison in your personal political messages...I would lose confidence that your assurances with regard to the course can be believed."

    But Farrell says his confidence in Barrett's ability to properly teach the course remains.

    Farrell says Barrett's planned campus lecture does not constitute what Farrell's^letter warned against:^"An inability to control your interest in publicity for your ideas."

    "We provide venue for a wide variety of speakers,"^ Farrell said.

    "If there is a department that sees academic value in what you have to say, they'll sponsor you."

    Nass says university officials are abdicating their responsibility by allowing Barrett to use the university connection to try to gain credibility for his 9/11 theories.

    The event is expected to receive coverage from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).
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    Oh, I hadn't heard much about Kevin, I thought he was keeping a low profile since school was back in session. Nice to see he's still at it...

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    9/11 theorists to discuss ‘folklore’

    by Tom Schalmo
    Friday, September 29, 2006

    University of Wisconsin lecturer Kevin Barrett and fellow Scholars for 9/11 Truth member James Fetzer will discuss their thoughts on the events of Sept. 11, 2001 Sunday.

    As part of the presentation titled “9/11: Fact and Folklore,” Fetzer said he will be providing an in-depth look at “what we know now that we didn’t know” five years ago.

    Barrett has recently come under the scrutiny of some Wisconsin politicians, many of whom are calling for his termination from UW.

    “If [legislators] come, they’ll discover how massive the evidence is,” Fetzer said in an interview with The Badger Herald.

    Fetzer has requested State Rep. Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, attend the presentation on Sunday. Nass criticized the UW administration for allowing Barrett and Fetzer to speak in a taxpayer-sponsored building.

    “[Nass] has an obligation to the citizens of Wisconsin to show up,” Fetzer said. “He’s raised so many questions based on his own ignorance. There’s ample opportunity [to hear our side]; he should take advantage of it.”

    Nass also urged UW to not allow “9/11: Fact and Folklore” on campus.

    “Kevin Barrett and the Scholars for 9/11 Truth can’t prove their conspiracies, so they simply hide behind the official sponsorship of UW-Madison to add credibility,” Nass said in a statement.

    Other state leaders — including both Gov. Jim Doyle and U.S. Rep. Mark Green, R-Wis. — said previously that Barrett should not be teaching at UW. Doyle told The Badger Herald earlier this fall that he trusts UW to make the right decision regarding Barrett and his lectures.

    Green, on the other hand, reaffirmed his stance this week that Barrett should be fired.

    “The university needs to terminate Mr. Barrett immediately,” Green said in a release. ”He has soiled the good name of our proud UW System too many times and made a complete mockery of academic freedom.”

    Fetzer said the state leaders in Minnesota have not criticized him as Wisconsin has criticized Barrett, potentially because Fetzer has a longer record in Minnesota than Barrett does in Wisconsin.

    “I was a long-term faculty member,” Fetzer said. “I had published 27 books, had a distinguished professorship, and I was in a more secure position.”

    Fetzer added that right now, many of the claims Republicans, in particular, are making are “political stunts.”

    “Republicans are scoring cheap political points,” Fetzer said. “I can assure you, [Nass] does not know what he’s talking about.”

    Fetzer also said that students will learn something at the presentation because of the “profound effect” 9/11 has had on Americans’ lives.

    “[Sept. 11] was a pivotal event of the 21st century,” he said. “It’s being used to justify wars of aggression on nations that did not attack us.”

    Barrett will speak about 9/11 from the “perspective of folklore,” Fetzer said.

    In addition, Fetzer will present a nearly $8,500 check to UW on behalf of Veterans for Truth, which has raised money to compensate for the Ozaukee County Board’s withholding of UW funding in protest of Barrett’s employment.
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