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Thread: Pilot Announces "This Plane Is Not Safe, I'm Resigning", Then Walks Off Plane

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    beltman713 Guest

    Pilot Announces "This Plane Is Not Safe, I'm Resigning", Then Walks Off Plane,,2-2006440311,00.html

    Captain speaking: Jet's not safe

    September 23, 2006

    A PILOT struck terror into British tourists by telling them: “I’m resigning. This plane is not safe.”

    He then marched OFF the jet, leaving 180 passengers stranded on the runway.

    The tourists had been waiting to take off when they say they heard a strange noise from an engine on the Airbus A321.

    The captain then announced: “I am resigning from my job. Do not fly with this plane. It is not safe. Do not fly with Onur Air.”

    The holidaymakers were stuck on the jet in stifling 100°F heat before being eventually told to go back to the terminal at Antalya, Turkey.

    Most waited two hours for a replacement flight.

    But 20 were so frightened they refused to board a replacement flight to Bristol and had to find their own way home.

    Jade Barrett, 22, of Falmouth, Cornwall, said: “Everyone was terrified. Some people were crying and almost screaming.

    “We were three hours late landing. We have written to the tour company asking for compensation for what we went through. Our luggage was unloaded and just left on the runway.”

    Her frightened pal Rachael Fisher, 21, suffered an asthma attack that was so severe that stewards gave her oxygen.

    UK company Goldtrail, which chartered the aircraft from Turkey’s Onur Air, apologised but is refusing to pay compensation.

    It said the German pilot was serving his notice from the airline and had “exaggerated” the problem with the plane.

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    AuGmENTor Guest
    Heh, we read the same news me thinks beltman

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    beltman713 Guest
    Yeah, I think I would be getting off that plane right behind the pilot.

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