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Thread: Rep. Curt Weldon Included In List Of 20 Most Corrupt Members Of Congress

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    Rep. Curt Weldon Included In List Of 20 Most Corrupt Members Of Congress

    Rep. Curt Weldon Included In List Of 20 Most Corrupt Members Of Congress

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    Curt Weldon is a tenth-term member of Congress, representing the 7th district of Pennsylvania. His ethics issues stem from using his position to financially benefit his children and a family friend.

    Cecilia Grimes was a small town real estate agent from Media, PA until March of 2003, when she became a lobbyist dealing exclusively with businesses with interests before Rep. Weldon, whom Ms. Grimes describes as a “longtime family friend.” Despite her lack of lobbying experience, Ms. Grimes represents numerous clients with business before Rep. Weldon. For example, after Oto Melara, the weapons manufacturing arm of Finmeccanica announced plans to open a new plant in Rep. Weldon’s district in 2004, the Congressman forced the Navy to test out Oto Melara’s cannons on the next generation of Littoral Combat Ships. Oto Melara subsequently hired Cecilia Grimes as a lobbyist for $20,000 a year.

    Karen Weldon is Rep. Weldon’s 31-year old daughter. Ms. Weldon’s company has racked up almost a million dollars a year in business from clients with interests before her father. For example, in January of 2003, Rep. Weldon and Ms. Weldon visited the Saratov Aviation plant at the same time that Ms. Weldon was negotiating a deal to consult with the company. Shortly thereafter, the company hired Ms. Weldon’s firm for $20,000 a month. Similarly, after Rep. Weldon held a dinner with 30 congressman in attendance for Russian energy company Itera’s chairman, the company agreed to pay Solutions $500,000 a year for public relations work.

    Rep. Weldon has also used his position to benefit his younger daughter, Kim, by helping her employer, AgustaWestland secure a $1.6 billion contract to build a new presidential helicopter. Rep. Weldon’s son Andrew’s car racing career is supported by one of Rep. Weldon’s top campaign contributors at Boeing, a company Rep. Weldon has consistently supported.

    Rep. Weldon’s activities on behalf of clients of Cecilia Grimes and Karen Weldon appear to violate bribery laws as well as the rules prohibiting Members from taking any official actions for the prospect of personal gain for themselves or anyone else. In addition, the fact that Rep. Weldon’s other daughter Kim, may have been hired in gratitude – if not direct repayment – for Rep. Weldon’s promotion of her employer, and the fact his son is receiving a financial benefit from another company with strong ties to the Congressman all strongly support the conclusion that Rep. Weldon has consistently abused his position to financially benefit his family and friends in violation of federal law and House rules.
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    So was Murtha.

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    Cloak & Swagger Guest
    When a list like this comes out, naming EVERYBODY, that means something serious is going down, somebody's ass is on the line for something real serious, and so they just call everybody out for everything to try and minimize the appearance of that one thing by revealing a series of things.

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