Chickenhawk Sean Hannity Condemns Veterans Against Torture

Reported by Ellen - September 16, 2006 - 308 comments

Sean Hannity, who declined to serve in the military when he had the chance, condemned General Colin Powell and Republican Senators Graham, McCain and Warner, all of whom did serve, for taking a stand on behalf of the legal rights of prisoners and maintaining the Geneva Conventions’ standards for humane treatment.

Hannity was peeved, of course, that a group of Republicans, which also included Senator Susan Collins, had rebelled against President Bush and prepared legislation with stronger legal protections for prisoners. Ignoring the fact that Senator Graham and others believe that maintaining the Geneva Conventions protects our troops and our country, Hannity said, “I find it unconscionable that we’re gonna tie the hands of interrogators.”

The shrill and shrewish Republican Karen Hanretty, another non-server, claimed to know why McCain – a former victim of torture, himself – was against torture and that it was not out of conscience or concern for our troops. “Part of this is ego, part of this is positioning.”

Apparently, there’s nobody Bush loyalists won’t attack from the safety of a TV studio.