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Thread: Disturbing 9/11 Film Is Work Of Hoosier

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    Disturbing 9/11 Film Is Work Of Hoosier

    Disturbing 9/11 film is work of Hoosier

    By Bonnie Britton

    Familiar, disturbing images from five years ago flash by in "9/11: Press for Truth," opening locally Friday at Hollywood Bar & Filmworks, 247 S. Meridian St.

    But the 86-minute documentary, directed by Ray Nowosielski of Indianapolis, also asks what warnings top government officials received before the terrorist attacks, and why so many questions remain unanswered.

    The limited-run movie, opening in 27 cities, premieres tonight in Manhattan. It will show in Indianapolis Friday through Monday. Nowosielski and others will be here Friday to answer questions.

    Nowosielski, 25, and co- producer John Duffy got the idea for the movie in 2003, during their last semester of film school at Columbia College Chicago. It was there they learned of Paul Thompson's "The Complete 9/11 Timeline," and went online to read the researcher's compilation detailing the events surrounding that fateful day.

    "We ended up reading until the sun came up," said Nowosielski, who recently opened a Massachusetts Avenue office.

    Nowosielski and Duffy, who also is the photographer, hadn't planned on making a documentary, but the material was so compelling that they approached Thompson about turning his book, "The Terror Timeline" (HarperCollins, $19.95), into a movie.

    "It developed pretty quickly," Nowosielski said.

    They wanted to cover three basic areas:

    How many warnings came in before Sept. 11 and what the White House knew; what went on in Afghanistan and how Osama bin Laden and others escaped; and the foreign sponsorship of the attack.

    Nowosielski said he double-checked whatever they used. "We did everything we could" to ensure accuracy.

    The documentary prominently features Thompson; Bob McIlvaine, whose son died in the World Trade Center attack; and several 9/11 widows who became known as "the Jersey Girls" -- the women whom conservative writer Ann Coulter has accused of enjoying their celebrity.

    In defense of the Jersey Girls, who put pressure on Washington to convene a commission, Nowosielski said, "They never sought out the was only to further their cause of getting the (9/11) commission." Nowosielski said they've been "recharging their batteries" in anticipation of a new investigation.

    McIlvaine, after screening a rough version of the film, sent Nowosielski an e-mail signed "Forever grateful," thanking the filmmakers and saying, "Every high school, college and university should have a copy of this documentary."

    It was film co-producer/co-writer Kyle F. Hence who put the filmmakers in touch with the Jersey Girls. "As soon as we had that interview, we knew that had to be the center of the movie," Nowosielski said.

    Lee Hamilton, a Democrat who held Indiana's 9th Congressional District seat for more than 30 years, and who served as vice-chairman of the 9/11 Commission, is seen briefly in the documentary, but wasn't interviewed.

    "We thought about interviewing the 9/11 commissioners, but since we were going to tell the story from the perspective of the families...and honestly, there was a limit in budget," Nowosielski said.

    The Cardinal Ritter High School graduate, a second-place finisher in the Prelude Awards' video competition in high school, received some of his training and experience through the Indiana Black Expo's Youth Video Institute.

    In college, he and four friends started a corporate media video production company and plowed their earnings into equipment and an office at the Stutz Building.

    That business folded, said Nowosielski, because "In the end, we never quite mastered the sales side."

    Nowosielski admits to being a little desensitized after having watched the destruction at the World Trade Center "thousands" of times during editing.

    "Every once in a while, you'll catch that one little moment, with people staring up, their mouths agape, at the towers, and it will get to you."
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    Partridge Guest
    WTF is a 'Hoosier'?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Partridge
    WTF is a 'Hoosier'?
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    Partridge Guest
    So, someone from Indiana then? What's wrong with 'Indianaer'? That makes you almost sound like Indiana Jones!

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    kelp Guest
    i'm a hoosier and i know who my daddy is!

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    Tonya Guest
    I'm a Hoosier too and I know who my daddy is as well! Ha!

    Thanks for psoting this!

    Indy Star, Wooo Hooo ! Indiana getting some trickles of truth. I hope they get a decent turnout for the screening this weekend.

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    kelp Guest
    i'm so disappointed that i won't be able to go. but a fellow agent in my office is battling stage 4 colon cancer and is uninsured. my weekend is booked up with fundraisers for him. each chemo treatment is $10,000. we've been at the fundraisers for 2 months now, and we've raised enough to cover 1 treatment. unfortunately, his treatments were delayed until he could find a center where the docs are paid on salary and don't turn uninsured people away. yes, the docs in our town told him to go home and die, there's no hope for you. but the docs at iu med center, who are paid on salary were happy to start him on a newer chemo treatment that he is actually having some success with. it's funny how his diagnosis changed from 1 doc to the next.

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    Tonya Guest
    damn kelp, that is just aweful. good luck with the fundraising. you are a good person for helping out so much. hopefully there will be another good-hearted person with loads of money that can help this man out. a rich person that likes to give to charities could give this person a helping hand. i hope one does. i really do.

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    kelp Guest
    thanks for the good luck wishes! he has lots of friends and we're all doing everything we can to help him. it would be nice is someone with deep pockets would step up. but, unfortunately, a lot have people have said 'i don't feel sorry for him. he should have had insurance.' people just don't realize how difficult it is for those of us who are self employed to afford insurance, especially after the amount of self employment taxes we have to pay. i am uninsured as well!

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    Tonya Guest
    despite peoples thoughts on insurance, they should have the heart to feel for him and his situation. some people just don't get it. compassion should overcome them, not their "should have" notions. i know people like that, my mom for one! uhhh!

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