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Thread: molten metal pools found at wtc explained at last

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    thumper Guest

    molten metal pools found at wtc explained at last

    just goes to show how methodical these guys were

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    YouCrazyDiamond Guest
    One of the responses released today by NIST:

    13. Why did the NIST investigation not consider reports of molten steel in the wreckage from the WTC towers?

    NIST investigators and experts from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEONY)—who inspected the WTC steel at the WTC site and the salvage yards—found no evidence that would support the melting of steel in a jet-fuel ignited fire in the towers prior to collapse. The condition of the steel in the wreckage of the WTC towers (i.e., whether it was in a molten state or not) was irrelevant to the investigation of the collapse since it does not provide any conclusive information on the condition of the steel when the WTC towers were standing.

    NIST considered the damage to the steel structure and its fireproofing caused by the aircraft impact and the subsequent fires when the buildings were still standing since that damage was responsible for initiating the collapse of the WTC towers.

    Under certain circumstances it is conceivable for some of the steel in the wreckage to have melted after the buildings collapsed. Any molten steel in the wreckage was more likely due to the high temperature resulting from long exposure to combustion within the pile than to short exposure to fires or explosions while the buildings were standing.

    Like Professor Jones asked, where did the heat come from that would leave molten pools of metal?

    A sincere investigation would have been extremely interested in those molten pools and at the very least would have taken some samples back to the lab(s) in order to determine what was in them.

    There can obviously be many sources of sulfur, but where did the heat come from to melt the steel so that the sulfur could migrate deep into its structure?

    This is all very testable, by the way. Point a diesel flame at some steel for many, many hours, and occasionally sprinkle some sulfur on the steel and see what happens. Add some other elements and compounds (that were abundantly available at WTC) to the mix, and again, see what happens.

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