Catherine Austin Fitts Reviews 9/11: Press For Truth

I spent the first day in New Zealand roaming Wellington to get set up for my time here. Special thanks to Alastair Thompson of Scoop Media for taking a whole day out of his busy schedule to teach me the ropes. We had a terrific dinner (Alastair is a great cook on top of founding and leading my favorite news website) that night with his wonderful wife Wendy. Before dinner, Alastair played Kyle Hence’s new video “9/11: Press for Truth” which focuses on the 911 families and their contribution to getting the truth out on 911.

It is absolutely terrific — it connects geopolitical with the human heart and does a fine job of teeing up many of the unanswered questions of 9/11. Great interviews of family members, including the Jersey Girls, and researcher Paul Thompson, creator of the 9/11 timeline. I e-mailed Kyle for information on how members of the Solari Action Network could get a copy and here is what he sent:

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