The 9/11 Key to Grasping and Ousting the Corporate Coup
A workshop to awaken, empower and unify anti-corporatists with 9/11 truth - David Kubiak and Ken Reiner
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Many powerful constituencies -- from religious groups and labor unions to environmentalists, retirees and anti-war types -- are finally waking up to the reality and lethal risks of America’s corporate coup d'état. The corporate world’s execs, lobbyists, flacks, and wholly owned politicos have of course been attacking democracy for generations, but only 9/11 succeeded in giving them total power.

This briefing will focus theoretically on corporate pathology in our body politic, and how to see it in a systemic way that suggests powerful new antidotes. Practically, it will also examine fresh ways to expose and explain 9/11 truth to anyone who already fears, loathes or fights against corporate domination so they can connect the dots themselves.