911 is not the biggest lie we have been told by the media, the biggest lie is that "UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT" is our government.

UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, UNITED STATES aka U.S. Corp are foreign corporatations incorporated under the District of Columbia Act.

Here me out, this is very important for as many people to understand, there are two forms of government to which we choose to live in. The democracy located in Washington DC and the Republic States most of us live in. The difference is between acting as a voluntary slave to Congress and being free do anything that is not explicitly denied by the law of the land.

Why is this bigger then 911? Because this corporatation pretends to be your government and only by your silent agreement or confession can it have power over you. If the people want their rights they must first know what those rights are, and demand those rights. The problem is you must know who you are before you can know your legal rights