this moring the front page of one of germanys largest internet providers, "" has as its top article a report on "loose change". the article is very positive, with no side swipes about crazy conspirationilists. it provides a link to google video, with the recommendation to download.
in one sentence it even says:
"Selbst eingefleischte Gegner von Verschwörungstheorien dürften bei dem Film hin und wieder stutzig werden." (even born conspiration theorie resistors will probably be start to wonder after this film).

they have done a poll:
20& "quatsch" = ridiculous
58% "klingt plausibel" = sounds probible
21% "ich schwöre nur das ich dazu nichts sagen kann" = i can only swear to the fact that i can't say anything about this.

and the comments section is burnin, with allready over 320 comments, many very positive, some the usual "these people must be crazy" stint.

i've been trying to shoot in some positive feedback, and am supplying links to 911/blogger, 911truth, and scholars for 911 truth.

here are the links to the site:
front page:
article: index.html