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Thread: Proof That The "War On Drugs" Is Completely Bogus

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    Proof That The "War On Drugs" Is Completely Bogus

    NYT: Six-year, $4.7b effort to slash Colombia's coca crop has left price, quality, availability of cocaine on US streets unchanged

    (Gold9472: Proof that the "War On Drugs" Is Completely Bogus.)

    Published: Friday August 18, 2006

    A six-year, $4.7 billion effort to slash Colombia's coca crop has done little, according to an article slated for Saturday's New York Times, RAW STORY has learned.

    "The latest campaign in America's long war on drugs -- a six-year, $4.7 billion effort to slash Colombia's coca crop -- has left the price, quality and availability of cocaine on American streets virtually unchanged," reports Juan Forero for The Times.

    "The effort, known as Plan Colombia, had a specific goal of halving this country's coca crop in five years," the article continues.

    "That has not happened," Forero writes. "Instead, drug policy experts say, coca, the essential ingredient for cocaine, has been redistributed to smaller and harder-to-reach plots, adding to the cost and difficulty of the drug war."
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    just like the war on everything else.

    we need a libertarian society.

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    Well, DUH! The war on drugs is one of the biggest cash cows our government ever cultivated. 4.7 billion to stop the growth of cocoa? PFFFF! How much was surrendered in the form of asset forfiture? And how much allocated to fight the war on drugs on our own soil? This is another blank check they have in place to take away your rights. I don't do drugs anymore, but I'm only a LITTLE less scared of getting popped on some drug charge. Mainly my money. Most of you have heard I'm sure that it contains residue from drugs being stored in it.
    I also keep hearing things on Alex Jones and other places tha it's our government bringing the shit in in the first place. Which would also support the fact that it's every bit as available as it ever was. And yet their funding goes up every year. The only thing that changes is how many people are incarcerated yearly for longer hitches than you get for a body.
    Plus, the millions who used have been nuetralized by their habits. When hitting the pipe, you are not gonna go out and dissent, or look closely at whats being done to this country, you're just gonna huff another line or whatever.

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