Founder Of PA 9/11 Visibility Reviews 9/11: Press For Truth

Wendi Polinow

Press For Truth

There are many films about 9/11 containing different information and different points of view, sometimes it gets cumbersome trying to sort out facts from the conglomeration of diverse theories within the truth movement.

If people want a different but poignant and indisputable perspective, then they should be viewing Press for Truth.

Press for Truth does not elaborate on theories and opinions, it merely gets to the heart of the matter. And it also tugs at one’s own heart, touching on the story of four courageous women who lost their husbands on 9/11/01 and dare to question "WHY?" Joined by other 9/11 families, they lobby for an investigation to seek answers. Unfortunately the answers are never found.

The personal insight into the lives of some of the victims families is what sets Press for Truth aside from the other 9/11 documentaries. I found myself not being able to hold back the tears as I was filled with so much anger, incredible compassion and admiration for these families. The movie could make anyone want to get out there and DEMAND the truth, because the evidence, so plainly put, points to nothing but lies and cover-ups.

I urge everyone to see the film, show it to loved ones, show it to people who are still skeptical and still want to believe mainstream media and the government. I promise, they will see things in a new light. The facts and the story are real and not "debunkable".

The only drawback to Press for Truth is this: there is no happy ending in the quest for truth. However, it will leave you with the desire to find out.