McKinney campaign claims name left off ballots

Brian Beutler
Published: Tuesday August 8, 2006

The campaign of Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), facing a difficult run-off in Georgia against challenger Hank Johnson today, issued statements on her website to indicate that voting irregularities have adversely affected her election chances.

Officials, though, tell RAW STORY, that, as of press time, none of the allegations can been substantiated. “We have monitors on the ground addressing each of these issues," Kara Sinkule of the Secretary of State’s office said. "We have not had any of these allegations substantiated.”

At 8:14 AM, McKinney’s election blog stated:

“Less than one hour into the voting day, multiple problems with the electronic voting machines have arisen. McKinney precinct watchers are reporting machines down already, insecure machines, and at least one 4th Congressional District precinct without McKinney's name on the ballot, but with her opponent's name on it.”

People working closely with challenger Hank Johnson's campaign haven't reported similar problems. Nor have they confirmed or denied any of McKinney's claims.

"I haven't received any reports of any problems," said spokeswoman Deb McGhee-Speights.

Earlier, another member of his election committee reported receiving a call that "neither of the candidates names was on a ballot."

Seeking to resolve these and similar issues, Sinkule said that it appears that most of the controversies involve people who couldn’t find Rep. McKinney on their ballots because they mistakenly believed they were in her district, or because they had registered to vote as Republicans. This does not seem to address the specific claim that fourth district ballots listed Johnson, but not McKinney.

Addressing a different allegation, she noted that, at one polling place, voting booths had been moved, but that this was done on-site with adequate signage to prevent incidences of confusion.

RAW STORY will follow the situation as it unfolds.