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Thread: Add your voice to our 9/11 tune

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    Starstika Guest

    Add your voice to our 9/11 tune


    We're a band. We are dedicated to exposing the truth through word of song to try and reach new audiences and make them question the world; particularly governments, corporations and the MSM. And we need your help.

    We're releasing an album on 9/11 (to the exact minute the North Tower was struck) and one of the tracks is a remix of a tune: 9/11 Was An Inside Job featuring Greyman.

    We want this track to feature as many voices as possible from everybody and anybody in the world who cares about true freedom. Listen to the (rough) demo of the chorus, record your own voice singing / chanting / rapping the line "nine-eleven was an inside job" and send your voice to us for inclusion in the track.

    Apologies for the roughness of the sound right now. If anyone is in any doubt about the sort of music we can do when its fully produced, check out our last album released on 7/7.

    We don't think anyone's tried this sort of thing before so please spread the word; we'll be pushing our multi-tracker to the limit and we've only got this month to try and break the computer

    If you know anybody in media or a high profile position who can get this story to print or help publicise it by nailing their name to the mast, get in touch via our web site. We think the 9/11 truth movement needs an anthem to play at rallies and we want everyone on it!

    We've also started a 9/11 protest wall ready for all the names and web sites/blogs of people who add their voice to the track. Please consider getting involved.

    Thanks in advance for your help,


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    Starstika Guest

    First version released for free download

    The first version of the 9/11 collaboration song (initially featuring some of our MySpace friends) is available now for free download.

    Wanna be part of it? You know the score.. record your voice singing / chanting / whispering / rapping a line from the chorus and send it to us using the form or e-mail address on that page. We'll be updating the track periodically when you send us your voices, and we'll add your name/pseudonym to the 9/11 Wall to show the MSM we want to be counted.

    Don't hang around, get recordin' and be part of this landmark event... and get your family, friends and colleagues involved too. The more the better.

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    AuGmENTor Guest
    Anyone ever send this guy their voice?

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    Chana3812 Guest
    maybe it's a trap !!

    they'll get our voice and next thing ya know . . .

    "Hello Mom, this is Mark Bingham"

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    AuGmENTor Guest
    BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. Good thought.

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    MrDark71 Guest
    I might have ...had he used an icon that looks less Naziesque

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    amman254 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Chana3812
    maybe it's a trap !!

    they'll get our voice and next thing ya know . . .

    "Hello Mom, this is Mark Bingham"
    for sure, i felt kind of leary too, about sending my voice patterns to be flying around the net somewhere ...but you brought it to the point chana

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    Chana3812 Guest
    yep, before you know it, they'll have you on a audio recording confesses to some terrorist plot . . . . and the FBI will come a knocking on your door


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    werther Guest
    I don't remember seeing this posted. I may have participated.

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    werther Guest
    fuck. that avatar is a disaster.

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