Grassroots Organizing 101 - Chicago Conference
Gabriel Day, Les Jamieson & Jon Gold
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This workshop will focus on facilitating personal interaction with fellow citizens as well as group organizing ideas for local actions. We want people to:
  • Understand the challenges in speaking about the controversial aspects of 9/11
  • Learn simple talking points
  • Be able to introduce the information to their relatives, neighbors and co-workers and know the common objections and how to respond
  • Be able to get people past fear as well as resignation
  • Be able to explain 9/11 in a historical context as one event in a pattern of events
  • Be able to explain possible motives as outlined by PNAC
  • Be able to explain why it's necessary to question the official story
  • Be able to respond to media in "sound bites"
  • Be able to make a 2-3 minute presentation at any organization meeting to urge others to get informed and take action
Understand that their role is to:
  • Get people to realize the official story doesn’t add up, become informed, spread the word, get connected, and take political action
  • Appeal to organizational leaders to become informed and disseminate the information to their membership
Additionally, with the release of the recent Zogby Poll, we'll look ahead to the next phase of organizing and activism. This will include focus on Citizen's Counter-Coup as a vehicle for monthly action and political activism leading to the mid-term election.