Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action
Thanks to Dr. Griffin
Westminster John Knox Press, 2006

"Professor David Ray Griffin has a well-deserved reputation for the thoroughness of his research. All Americans who love their country enough to dig into the facts of these critical times will be well rewarded by examining his books. 9/11 truth is a very important issue---one with the power to bring lasting change to our country.”-—The Reverend William Sloane Coffin Jr, author of Credo: Letters to a Young Doubter and A Passion for the Possible: A Message to U.S. Churches

“If you are open to recognizing that the United States behaves much as othergreat powers have behaved, but you get your information through standard American channels, I dare you to expose yourself to the facts Griffin summarizes, facts that have been suppressed by our newspapers and magazines.

If you are one who wants to be a disciple of Jesus, you will have some hard thinking to do about what American Christians are called to be and to do at this historical moment.”

-—John B. Cobb Jr, co-author of The American Empire and the Commonwealth of God

“Are we brave enough to read this nerve-wracking book, one of the most important theological texts of our time? Rooted in the longstanding belief that Christians share responsibility for shaping a more justice-loving world, Griffin makes a strong case that the real "conspiracy theory" about 9/11 is the Bush Administration's silly notion that nineteen young Arab men could have pulled it off. Griffin helps us wrestle with questions that are almost too much to bear, yet which may empower us, if we dare, to build a more truthful and, over time, more deeply moral nation and world.”---The Reverend Carter Heyward, Robbins Professor of Theology Emerita, Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and author of Saving Jesus from Those Who Are Right and God in the Balance: Christian Spirituality in Times of Terror.

“A gripping account of precedents for the current global empire, from the Rome of Jesus to twentieth-century ‘false-flag’ operations. . . . His wake-up call to U.S. Christians will be evaded at our peril.”—-Catherine Keller, Professor of Theology, Drew University, and author of God and Power.

“In two earlier books, David Ray Griffin established himself as one of the foremost researchers into 9/11. This book is of immensely greater scope and importance. . . . It sees the contemporary world clearly and synoptically in an informed Christian perspective, so that it makes questions of theodicy and the roots of evil as contemporary as the events of 9/11. Even though it makes some claims and arguments I disagree with, I consider this one of the most significant and original books I have ever read.”-—Peter Dale Scott, author of Drugs, Oil, and War: The United States in Afghanistan, Colombia, and Indochina

"WARNING: If, like most Americans calling themselves Christian, you prefer the comfort of acquiescing in the official version of 9/11 and the imperial wars it facilitated, DROP THIS BOOK NOW. But if you are open to the grace of honest inquiry and the risk of following the historical Jesus in confronting the evils of empire, this rigorously argued book is a MUST READ.”---Ray McGovern, CIA veteran analyst now with Tell the Word, a project of the ecumenical Church of the Saviour, Washington, D.C.

"David Griffin has previously made the case for the Bush administration’s complicity in 9/11 and the cover-up of this evidence by the 9/11 Commission. Here, in this important book, he puts these shocking realities in the context of Christian theology and the challenge to the churches. In a profound exploration of the nature and history of the demonic, Griffin suggests that American empire is a culmination of human demonic alienation from God."-—Rosemary Radford Ruether, emeritus scholar, Claremont Graduate University and Claremont School of Theology

“Do American Christians want the United States to act like the New Rome, invading other countries to impose its imperial rule and its control of other peoples’ resources? That, however, is just what the US is doing, increasingly so since 9/11, explains David Griffin. In this gripping summary of evidence for the truth behind 9/11 and the 9/11 Commission report, Griffin makes a compelling case that the imperial practices of the American government have become a destructive force in the world. And he clarifies the biblical and theological basis for Christians to challenge the resurgent American imperialism that often claims divine blessing on its destructive actions.”-—Richard A. Horsley, Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts and the Study of Religion, University of Massachusetts, and author of Jesus and Empire: The Kingdom of God and the New World Disorder.

“Compelling reading. Here is a remarkably thorough presentation of facts regarding 9/11 events. Professor Griffin sets the events of 9/11 in a historical, religious, and philosophical context that is most enlightening. Although this context is also somewhat chilling, he holds out hope in his discussion of where we can go from here. I most highly recommend this
book!”---Steven E. Jones, Professor of Physics, Brigham Young University



Part 1: Evidence That 9/11 Was a False-Flag Operation

1. 9/11 and Prior False-Flag Operations

2. Explosive Testimony: Revelations about the Twin Towers in the 9/11 Oral

3. The Destruction of the World Trade Center: Why the Official Account Cannot Be True

4. Flights of Fancy: The 9/11 Commission’s Incredible Tales of Flights 11,
175, 77, and 93

5. Bush Administration Responsibility for 9/11: From a Prima Facie to a
Conclusive Case

Part 2: A Christian Critique of 9/11 and American Imperialism

6. Imperial Motives for a “New Pearl Harbor”

7. Jesus and the Roman Empire

8. The Divine and the Demonic

9. The American Empire, Demonic Evil, and 9/11

10. A Call to Reflection and Action

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