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Thread: EXPLOSIVE Breaking News-Intel (NWO) 9/11 WTC Jets

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    OrlandoMary Guest

    EXPLOSIVE Breaking News-Intel (NWO) 9/11 WTC Jets

    Tom Heneghan
    Patriot Federal Whistleblower
    Intelligence Briefings


    Intelligence Agencies evidence of WHAT ACTUALLY happened on the morning of
    9/11 with the WTC jets --

    Hear Tom Heneghan's latest EXPLOSIVE April 1st intelligence briefing in the archives at

    Cloak and


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    Jan 2005
    That site never works for me... and if it does, it takes forever to load... if possible, could you send me the story, and I'll post it here?
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    OrlandoMary Guest

    Tom Heneghan's Intelligence Briefings are live radio archived in Cloak and

    Because of the explosive insider intel briefings C&D is subject to frequent hacking attempts and thus the archives require a subscription, which is only 27 to 41 cents a show - worth every penney.

    Tom Heneghan's exclusive insider Intel Briefings expose treason-traitors-tyranny which the Bush/Clinton crime family (NWO) crowd are paying their prostituted media to keep covered up.

    You can also hear Tom Heneghan on Floyd with host Jeremy Floyd every Monday and Tuesday from 8 p.m. - 9 p.m. EST. (free)

    Guaranteed you will hear reality to awaken the Sheeple from their slumber.


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    OrlandoMary Guest

    EXPLOSIVE Breaking News - Intel (NWO) 9/11 WTC Jets

    Amy Sasser

    EXPLOSIVE Breaking News-Intel
    Mon Apr 4, 2005 10:41

    Mary, Thanks for all you do!!!

    I listened to it too. It was awesome!!!!!!!...Time to arrest all those criminals!!! The Bush adminstration and the members of congress who have lied to the American people and who have helped cover up the crimes of 911.;show_parent=1


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