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    Kevin Barrett Writes More Letters

    Kevin Barrett Writes More Letters

    To My Supporters,

    Thank you for calling and writing to Fox News, to my university, to the local and national media, and to me. I am overwhelmed -- and my in-box is overwhelmed too! In the past I have tried to respond to all emails, but to do so now would leave me no time to do anything else. So please accept this note of heartfelt thanks in lieu of a personalized response.

    I never intended to become a public figure. Maybe you remember that scene from a war movie where the sergeant describes a very dangerous mission and says "if anyone wants to volunteer, please take one step forward." Everybody takes one step backward -- except one guy. Maybe he doesn't understand cowardice, or maybe he's just thinking about something else. Bingo! He's the one!

    It feels like I'm that guy who forgot to step backwards. But that isn't quite it -- because none of you have ever taken a single backward step. You all, and the millions of others who have bravely spoken out about 9/11, are right there with me. It was sheer luck, or destiny, or the will of God -- take your pick -- that two Bushite extremists, radio host Jessica McBride and State Representative Steve Nass, decided to make me famous for reasons known only to themselves. Since then, I've just been polishing my mirror, and reflecting whatever they give me right back at them.

    Now that Bill O'Reilly has suggested on national television that I ought to be murdered by my own university officials and found floating in the harbor...well, I've already written to his boss, Rupert Murdoch: Guess I'd better write to O'Reilly too. See below.

    Keep those calls, cards and letters coming--let's flood the inboxes of every journalistic outlet, take over every radio talk show, knock Fox off the air and into a Nuremburg courtroom, and take this country back for its people and its Constitution.

    Kevin Barrett
    Coordinator, MUJCA-NET:
    Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth

    * * *

    Oh Really O' Reilly?

    Bill O'Reilly
    Political Assassinations Bureau
    Fox News Headquarters

    Dear B O'R (the man with one E too few),

    Oh really O’Reilly? Do you really think my university administration should have me murdered for voicing a controversial but common opinion on the radio? Here at U.W.-Madison we have a tradition of sifting and winnowing through facts in search of truth – not sifting and winnowing through harbor sludge looking for the bodies of academics with ideas that don’t please fascist imbeciles like you. You’re a blowhard moron, a mindless blathering thug with no business polluting our planet's airwaves. Tender your resignation NOW or tell the Fox legal department to get ready for the big one.


    Kevin Barrett

    * * *

    A Letter to Dr. Morgan Reynolds

    Morgan Reynolds
    Professor Emeritus, Texas A&M University
    Chief Economist, Department of Labor, 2001-2002

    Dear Morgan,

    You're one of our nation's leading conservative economists, and a professor with a stellar academic resume, so you're obviously a very smart man, even if you did serve in the George W. Bush administration for a couple of years before wising up. So since you're so smart, maybe you can explain why everybody thinks I'm so much more important than you are.

    For the past few years you've been saying that 9/11 was an inside job, and that your own former administration bosses "blew the Twin Towers to kingdom come." You've even been doing serious research aimed at backing up those words. You've done this while collecting your full salary from Texas A&M, and your University President, the former CIA chief Robert Gates, has barely whimpered a peep of protest while you've named him as a Bush crime family associate who is almost certainly 9/11-complicit! If anybody has tried to put a stop on your salary, I haven't heard about it.

    Meanwhile, here at the University of Wisconsin, I'm pulling in $8,000 a semester to teach a single 15-week Islam course, one week of which will involve a fair and balanced critical examination of the various interpretations of 9/11 and the war on terror. A few weeks ago I appeared on a radio show and said some of the same things you've said. In fact, I stole my best and strongest lines from you!

    For some reason, this one radio appearance, after three years of teaching at U.W-Madison while doing 9/11 truth activism on the side, has made me into a celebrity -- the next Ward Churchill or Cindy Sheehan or Charlie Sheen or whoever you want to compare me with. My question, Morgan, is this: Why am I so bleeping important? Why are they paying so much attention to me, and totally ignoring you? Me, I'm just a garden-variety humanities-educated college lecturer. You're a former Bush Administration insider, for goshsakes, and one of the leading academics in your field. You've been saying things at least as outrageous as anything I've said, and you've put up a website that's every bit as in-your-face as MUJCA:

    Morgan, I'll admit to being just a wee bit better-looking than you, though let's face it, neither of us holds a candle to Charlie Sheen. But you've got at least as much charisma as I do, as anybody who's seen your U.W.-Madison lecture can attest:

    So I don't think it's really a matter of star quality.

    Anyway, Morgan, if you ever figure out why I'm important and you're not, please let me know.


    * * *

    A Letter to Those Blaming Jews for 9/11 and the Current Mideast Crisis

    Dear you-all-know-who-you-are,

    I'm as anti-Zionist as the next Muslim. I'm livid about the escalating Israeli atrocities that seem designed to incite World War III and complete the Palestinian genocide. I hate the neocons with a passion, consider them among the 9/11 suspects, and agree that Zionist influence on the American media needs to be investigated and exposed.

    That said, I think we need to draw the line at "blame the Jews" rhetoric. The vast majority of American Jews are not neocons--in fact, they tend to oppose the neocons even more than the average non-Jewish American does. Some of our best 9/11 activists, like Jon Gold, are Jewish. Of our politicians, three of the most courageous--Barbara Boxer, Russ Feingold, and the martyred Paul Wellstone--are also Jewish. It would be tragic if the crimes of billionaire zio-fanatics like Larry Silverstein led to the resurgence of anti-Jewish bigotry in this country. Unlike most of my Muslim friends, I have known Jewish folks all my life, and guess what? They're mostly good people, just ordinary folks, with a great cultural and religious heritage and lots of diverse ways of reacting to it. Sure, a great many American Jews are, in my opinion, completely, horrifically wrong about Mideast politics. But that doesn't make them evil. Ordinary good people have mistakenly supported evil policies since time began.

    Below are some notes from MUJCA supporter Jeffrey Wollock, a Jewish American 9/11 truthspeaker who is rightly concerned about the potential for anti-Jewish bigotry derailing the 9/11 truth movement.

    Kevin Barrett

    * * *

    [re: Fox News fun & games, etc.]

    Dear Kevin,

    Kick their pathetic asses!!


    * * *

    [in response to question of, would Lieberman have played Cheney's role in a 9/11 coup d'etat had Gore won in 2000?]

    I must admit, I never heard that and I never thought of it. If 9/11 would have happened in exactly the same way, then why was it SO important for Bush to win, that they had to pull that fraud in Florida and that unbelievable crap with the Supreme Court?

    Lieberman is a neocon. As you know, I don't think the neocons "did" 9/11. I think -- I know -- they did Iraq, but I think 9/11, ironically, was the capstone of a much earlier plot with its roots in the Mujahideen, with bin Laden, the Saudi and Pakistani secret services, and the obvious perpetrators of it are a small group within the CIA (exactly what von Bulow says) plus a very small group within the Joint Chiefs another small group within the technology sector (like Raytheon), and probably the guys really behind it -- in the oil and gas industry. I'm talking about people who literally planned at least some parts of what was going on. Think "pipelines." The main role of the FBI was running the Arab patsies. Bin Laden was the boogyman. Bin Laden, as we all know, has nothing to do with Iraq. But he has plenty to do with Afghanistan. Why would the neocons have picked him out? But it's clear why the CIA would have... he was their man.

    I don't think "W" played any active role in it. I do think Cheney and Rumsfeld did, and they appear to be among the neocons, but you might call them neocons of convenience. The essence of neoconservatism is its ideology -- most of them are "true believers" -- and I don't think Cheney and Rumsfeld are into ideology except as disinformation -- they're into sheer power, money, militarism per se.

    What did all of this lead up to? Iraq? No! -- Afghanistan.

    What the neocons did was hijack the whole business to Iraq and everything else they want to do. Rumsfeld & Cheney were delighted to go along because it fit in with their plans. more than the original idea. The guys who really wanted to do Afghanistan were not the neocons and in fact most of them were and are pissed off at the neocons for hijacking the "war on terror." So no, I don't believe Lieberman had anything to do with 9/11. Giuliani, yes, but not Lieberman.

    And by the way, the idea of a "new Pearl Harbor" was enunciated by Brzezinski years before that PNAC thing. Brzezinski hates the neocons. I'm not saying Brzezinski did it.

    Just that this discourse was buzzing around the halls of Washington for quite some time, and different groups had different wish lists that they thought could be achieved through a new Pearl Harbor. And just because they said it, didn't mean they were actually going to do it. But somebody heard it, and that guy said "Hey you know, that's not a bad idea." And I don't believe THAT guy was a neocon, because 9/11 took years of preparation, and the neocons were not in any such position that far in advance. Everything they did after 9/11 was quickly-improvised bullshit, but it worked because they got Bush and the rest of them behind it, and especially because they co-opted the fear factor generated by 9/11.


    * * *


    (I forgot to say this yesterday). It was so important that Bush win in 2000, that I believe Lieberman's real function on the ticket -- and remember, he was chairman of the DLC at the time and had been for 6 years -- was to help with the scam -- help throw the election to Bush in case Gore got "too many" votes. And that's exactly what he did:

    "Key players on Vice Pres Al Gore's presidential election team cite Sen Joseph I Lieberman's Nov 19 comments effectively disavowing Democrat's drive in Florida to disqualify overseas absentee ballots that lacked required postmarks or witness signatures as most telling example of political lapses and public relations blunders committed in Florida standoff.."

    (from "EXAMINING THE VOTE; Lieberman Put Democrats In Retreat on Military Vote," by Richard Berke, NY Times, Sunday July 15, 2001, Late Edition - Final, Section 1, Page 16.)

    It wasn't a "blunder." Nobody's that stupid. Remember how cozy he was with Cheney in the "debate" ?

    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    Now THIS is interesting, Jon. Hafta go find out about Morgan Renolds* now. (Didn't know you were Jewish) Not that it matters.

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    I haven't read it yet...

    "Some of our best 9/11 activists, like Jon Gold, are Jewish."

    Got it...
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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