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Thread: From 9/11 to WW3

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    somebigguy Guest

    From 9/11 to WW3

    By John J. Albanese
    Producer of the film “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime”

    Let there be no doubt that the current military crisis in the Middle East could potentially take this world to the very brink of a global crisis.

    But, as 9/11 activists, we must ask ourselves whether there is any relevance to this conflict, which to many Americans seems so very far away, and our own history of violence here at home on 9/11.

    The answer is clear. 9/11 was an act of evil perpetrated by evil people whom threaten the stability of the entire world. 9/11 was a modern day Pearl Harbor that ushered the western world into a new age of global conflict that just now is playing out in a regional war that portends an ever-widening global conflict and dangerous clash of civilizations.

    The stakes could not possibly be higher.

    9/11 remains iconic in this sense. The world trade center still towers over all of us at the cross-roads of history.

    It is easy to see how we have gotten here – from there. The trauma of 9/11 was so skillfully converted into a system of fear and oppression, where facts became secondary to human emotions - hate and fear - and American foreign policy descended into hubris. The “Axis of Evil” was declared. Anthrax attacks bludgeoning our legislature into submission, and yielding the Patriot Act. Myriad police-state tactics initiated here and abroad. Human rights and human dignity traded in for renditions and torture. The media capitulating and complicit in a war of aggression against Iraq, with fictions layered upon fictions that they tacitly or overtly supported and spread. Nuclear ambitions and missile tests in the Sea of Japan. The radicalization of Iran. The end to diplomacy. The war on academia, the United Nations and the judiciary branch of government. Xenophobia at home. Civil liberties evaporating. Dry wood thrown on the flames of paranoia.

    And now this. Israel at war.

    The current conflict in the Middle East has everything to do with 9/11. It is the product of fear and paranoia that is, to a certain extent, the self fulfilling prophesy of those members of the Project for the New American Century who conceived of a “new Pearl Harbor,” laying bare their naked ambitions and preconceived notions that there could be a ‘benefit’ from an inconceivable act of violence on American soil. To these people human lives mean nothing. Their ambitions are as transparent as their policies.

    As 9/11 activists these truths are self-evident.

    In this atmosphere of uncertainty 9/11 activism becomes more relevant than ever before. The stakes could not possibly be higher. It is now not just simply a matter of revealing the truth behind 9/11, we are now confronted with our own mortality and the lives of millions of world citizens at the mercy of a policy gone tragically wrong. As 9/11 activists we are essentially the antidote for violence. We denounce those responsible for 9/11 as vigorously as we oppose those who would seek to push millions of lives over the edge, into the chasm of all-out-war in the Middle East.

    Where will it end? What would victory look like? Can anyone truly win a global world war in this day and age? Could the euphemism of WMDs, so oft used and misused as a justification for war, suddenly become a painful reality – another self fulfilling prophesy? Could we be confronted with the prospects of a tragedy of global proportions? Could we see a cathartic release of energy, in the form of violence, that will engulf ALL TRUTHS and conventional wisdom in the cauldron of all-out-war?

    9/11 activism has been, and will always remain, a non-violent movement for peace. 9/11 Truth has always been a call for level-headed self examination and accountability. We cannot add to the flames of anger. We will only serve to feed the beast.

    But, all could be lost if we do not act soon.

    I call upon all of you to unite, and put down your theories and debates – and organize.


    We need action. And fast. We need one millions citizens in the streets of Washington DC, banging on pots and pans, and refusing to leave.

    We need to chain ourselves to the gates of power.

    We need to force alternate viewpoints on the media, peacefully by FORCE.

    We need to reclaim our place as citizens, at the seats of power, and refuse to budge.

    We need civil disobedience and loud angry voices that will be as dedicated to this cause as the patriots who landed on the beaches of Normandy – taking our own beachhead in the streets of Washington.

    We need to shut down the media – peacefully but forcefully - starting in Rockefeller Center at NBC headquarters – and the New York Times building – by laying down in front of their trucks and occupying their plazas and lobbies - declaring our intentions to reject this trail of tears and lies - that started on 9/11 - and leads us all to the battlegrounds of World War 3.

    If not now – when?

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    aceace Guest
    I guess we now know why the US built this military base in Israel. Billions of dollars spent.

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    AuGmENTor Guest
    Amen, I'll meet whoever in New York to lay in front of those trucks. Pick a day. But there has to be more than ten of us...

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    AuGmENTor Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by aceace
    I guess we now know why the US built this military base in Israel. Billions of dollars spent.
    Wow, taken in the proper contex, atht is a scary ass article...

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