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Thread: Transcript of Donna Marsh O’Connor’s speech at the UN on 9/11/2005

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    somebigguy Guest

    Transcript of Donna Marsh O’Connor’s speech at the UN on 9/11/2005

    Donna Marsh O’Connor: “None of you are in business suits today and I’m really disappointed. *Inaudible*. My daughter worked in Tower two of the World Trade Centre, she wasn’t lucky enough to be ushered out of the building by William Rodriguez. She was unfortunate enough to work in Tower two were five minutes after the first plane hit Tower one she was on the phone to the Park Avenue office telling everyone she was told she was safe.

    When she was on the phone to the Park Avenue office, best I can figure that was roughly the time when George W Bush was ushered into a school to read a book to children. This is my daughter Vanessa Lang Langer, and when he took his goddamn war he took her name, and I’m damn taking it back!

    George W Bush, and the running mate of the President Richard Cheney, doesn’t get her name any more, she’s mine, and she doesn’t look like this anymore. Yesterday I finally had the courage to go to the medical examiners office, where the picture of her that was taken on September 24th was available for looking at in her file. Do you know what a death mask looks like? Do you know what a scream looks like?

    That was my baby and she wasn’t safe. And no one in this country investigated that, no one investigated that! Do you understand, that George W Bush when he declared the other day, that he’s going to investigate what happened to the victims in New Orleans, was the same person who investigated what happened to my daughter? No, he couldn’t even articulate the word investigate, do you hear that?

    There aren’t enough people here, so everyone you see you tell them three thousand minus one because I’m reclaiming her name. And I’m telling anyone who knows anyone who died that day, you reclaim that name. You went to Iraq for 9/11, why? Is one Arab the same as all Arabs? How dare that work in America! Look at your hands right now, do you see blood on them?

    Because your not looking at the right picture. How many people did you see drown in New Orleans, where were the goddamn buses? Where was Norad? Why wasn’t anyone evacuated? Let me tell you something Dick Cheney needed 9/11 to happen, George W Bush doesn’t even fucking know that! Dan Quayle wouldn’t have known that if he got to be President, when Dick Cheney was Secretary of Defence.

    So you tell me where are the academics, where are the experts, where are the Democrats, where are the decent human beings who are conservative Republicans, because I want to see some men in suits here! Because this is my baby, and she doesn’t look like this anymore. And he closed of that city, so I couldn’t go *inaudible*.

    But you want to know something, I would have found her, I would have found her dead fucking bones because the biggest goddamn building on earth landed on my child’s bones, and exploded her baby out of her body. And that is a crime, and when you investigate a crime in this country, in any country, in the goddamn world, you look for the people with most to gain. Dick Cheney had the most to gain, Halliburton Halliburton Halliburton *inaudible*.

    And what do I get, not even the sad pathetic victims *inaudible* lawsuits against the airlines, because lawsuits bring truth. And all George Bush had to say to you is lawsuits bring money, so he paid of those victims millions of dollars, and broke their hearts with millions of dollars and not one question, forget the answers! I’m not talking truth, I’m not even going that high, just give me some honesty, make that man answer a damn question. Why the hell do you call it an independent commission, when he got to decide how he answered questions? When he got to bring his daddy with him, you’ve got to be kidding me.

    This is what I get? I am an American citizen and I am so proud of that, I’m so fucking ashamed of all of us, I am so goddamn ashamed. *inaudible*, that’s the building she played in. And Kofi Annan is friend, you just remember that. You go get some men in suits to these meetings next time because this just isn’t good enough.”
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    werther Guest
    most powerful when it comes straight from a family member ....a mother.

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    DemBruceLeeStylez! Guest
    ^ Couple of dumb mistakes in that transcript, I left out an "I" and spelt "me" as "be".

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    somebigguy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by DemBruceLeeStylez!
    ^ Couple of dumb mistakes in that transcript, I left out an "I" and spelt "me" as "be".
    We wouldn't expect anymore from a newbie.

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    somebigguy Guest
    Its been updated, hopefully she shows up this year. Because this year we DO have the men in suits and the professionals she wanted, and were gonna have a motherfucking crowd like you wouldn't believe.

    DBLS, you also spelled "minutes" wrong, but whose counting.

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