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Thread: Guardian breakthrough coverage of 7/7 covers many valid issues

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    AndrewLoweWatson Guest

    Guardian breakthrough coverage of 7/7 covers many valid issues

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    PhilosophyGenius Guest
    Whoa. That's big. Hey ALW, being from England what are the people on the street saying about this or 9/11?

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    AndrewLoweWatson Guest
    There's more good stuff in the Guardian today:,00.html

    Inconsistencies and errors mar the July 7 narrative

    An independent public inquiry into the London bombings is long overdue, says Beverley Martin

    Tuesday July 4, 2006
    The Guardian

    As one of the editors of the July 7 Truth Campaign website, I would like to thank Mark Honigsbaum for listening to our concerns and for presenting a balanced view (Seeing isn't believing, June 27). Our website is not a "conspiracy" site with a theory to promote and, as Mr Honigsbaum himself saw, we have taken the time to outline all the proposed theories in our search for the truth; we do not subscribe to any one of them. We are not affiliated to any political or religious movement, and our only agenda is to establish the facts of the events of July 7 2005.

    We all feel very strongly that we needed to raise awareness of exactly how riddled with anomalies and flaws the reports of this event are.

    When referring to the 7.40 train from Luton to London that was cancelled on the morning of July 7, the article reported Rachel North, who stated: "Train timetables rarely bear any relation to real life. Where conspiracy theorists go with this is that the train never ran ... They just take these small anomalies ... and make it into evidence of a conspiracy."

    The purpose of our site is not just to highlight the inconsistencies and errors in the media reporting of the London bombings, but also in the report of the official account of the London bombings - the narrative - from the Home Office, which was supposed to offer a definitive account of the events of that day.

    In the case of this train, which the narrative stated the four suspects caught, the cancellation was confirmed by the communications manager for Thameslink Rail, who supplied the actual times the trains ran that morning. This information was not obtained from a train schedule, which, of course, would be unlikely to be accurate on any given day. This is merely one of numerous oddities in the narrative that we have documented on the website.

    It should also be made clear that we do not endorse the "vitriolic abuse" of survivors; I acknowledge that there have been some quite outlandish accusations against Rachel North by a few people unconnected to our campaign, but we at J7 Truth have never suggested that Ms North is anything other than a genuine survivor. We have certainly never entered into speculation regarding Paul Dadge or Davinia Turrell. With an issue such as this, there will be different approaches by all who are questioning it, but the views expressed by a few should not be taken to represent the whole.

    We would like to see an independent public inquiry into the London bombings of July 7, in line with the campaign by Amnesty International, the Law Society of England and Wales, the Finucane Family Campaign, and many other legal, human and civil rights organisations. They all oppose the Inquiries Act 2005 - a piece of legislation that renders all public inquiries subject to state approval and, therefore, not independent. The public have so far been denied any kind of inquiry and the narrative only served to raise more questions than it attempted to answer in the first place. There should not be this level of discrepancy and incongruity in the official account almost a year on from this terrible event.

    ยท Beverley Martin edits the July 7 Truth Campaign website

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    al uh looyah Guest
    Here comes the Damage Control:
    Al Qaeda tried to infiltrate Britain's MI5: report
    LONDON (Reuters) - Al Qaeda sympathizers have been trying to infiltrate British security service MI5, a news report said on Monday.

    The infiltrators tried to take advantage of a sharp expansion in MI5's numbers by applying for jobs at the agency, BBC radio and television reported.

    However, the attempt failed because the suspicious applicants were weeded out during a six-to-eight month vetting process, it said, quoting government officials.

    Britain's interior ministry, which speaks for MI5, declined to confirm or deny the report.

    "All applicants for jobs at the Security Service/MI5 are subject to a rigorous vetting procedure and a number of candidates are turned down on security vetting grounds," it said.

    The number of MI5 officers is set to rise to 3,500 from 2,600 now to try to prevent attacks such as those carried out by British Muslim suicide bombers on London transport a year ago that killed 52 people.

    Once highly secretive, MI5 now advertises openly for recruits on its Web site and says it is very keen to talk to speakers of Arabic, Bengali, Urdu, Somali and Sorani (a Kurdish dialect).

    Tens of thousands of people apply to join MI5 each year, with 400 making it through to final selection, the BBC said. Applicants' backgrounds and sympathies are intensively investigated.

    Created in 1909 as a counter-espionage bureau, MI5 is best known for dealing with Soviet espionage during the Cold War and with Irish militant groups. But after the September 11 attacks in the United States, the British government has sought to shift MI5's priority to countering Islamic militants.

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