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Thread: Debunking The Debunkers

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    Debunking The Debunkers

    Debunking The Debunkers

    For all of you newcomers who don't know which side of the fence to be on, here's an example of what happens when you confront those against us.

    Tonight, after I saw an article posted about the August 6th, Presidential Daily Briefing, I was assured, yet again, that what we're doing is the right thing.

    I decided to go to to have a talk with them.

    Needless to say, there wasn't much "action" there. Someone named "Wliiam W." was the first to say hello to me. He assured me that they "really investigated what happened" on 9/11, so I asked him a simple question.

    I asked him to "tell me about Norman Mineta."

    The first response I got was from someone named, "reno". He said, "You need to get back to your forum where all dissenting voices are banned. CS allows ALL of us to have a say here - regardless of their POV - I don't think you'll enjoy a real debate. do you?"

    The second response was from "reno" again. This time he challenged me to name the "one piece you think can actually change a persons mind." Considering I had already asked him about Norman Mineta, I didn't think I needed to repeat myself. However...

    "I asked you to tell me about Norman Mineta, and I'm waiting very patiently. Ok... I'll make it even easier on you. Tell me about Norman Mineta's connection to 9/11." I even was polite enough to say, "Please".

    That was the last I'd heard from anyone for a long time. I even tried to "egg them on" by asking, "Is it because it's NOT on"

    Still, no response.

    Ian C. chimed in with, "Isn't Mineta the guy that places Cheney in the bunker at 9:30am, not 10:00am like the 9/11 Commission said?"

    I politely corrected Ian C. and said, "No no Ian C... Norman Mineta is the guy that places Cheney in the bunker at least before 9:20am when he arrived there. Norman Mineta is the guy who was asked repeatedly by Commissioner Lee Hamilton if the order you spoke of was, in fact, a "shoot down" order, and Norman Mineta said repeatedly that he didn't find out until LATER that it was a "shoot down" order.

    Norman Mineta also sat beside Dick Cheney as they watched Flight 77 for 50 miles until it hit the Pentagon.

    Wait... that can't be... the 9/11 Report said that Dick Cheney didn't arrive at the PEOC until 9:58.

    My last post said, "I'm waiting for your "facts and logic"." That was at 8:34. It took "S. King" 20 minutes to insult the "9/11 Denial Movement", and me, the "fool".

    This is the standard response by our opposition when faced with the REAL "facts and logic" of 9/11.

    I hope this helps you to decide which side of the fence you stand on.
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    As I said before, you should tell to holla at you next time they have a tv spot.

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