Rick's Site and new claim.

Here is initial reply from Rick...

Thank you for the kind words.

I am sorry I can't update the site all the time. Especially when I am traveling. I am going to be traveling again the next week so you won't see much update. Only when I can.

Thank you all for caring so much to go after the truth.

Surely the WMD is the most controversial issue I have brought up yet. It needs a lot more research and much is dependent on eyewitness and military experts still active in the field. Regrettably that is why we cannot disclose their identity other than nationality. We have just worked with an Australian documentary team to film them and have confidence that they are real. They are pissed that the corporate government would use advanced technology like that on their people and are blowing the whistle.

Since no real investigation was made, and is very difficult after Giuliani disposed of the crime scene, we are left with little verifiable evidence other than what we do have. Looking back at the toxins in the dust/debris we found uranium and other radioactive and byproducts of advanced weapons listed and they are on the site or look them up on the other research sites. They were just brushed aside as no one was making us look.

The rest is in the DVD and quite enough to wonder. No one, not even Jones has explained the force needed to pulverize the 100 floors. It is certainly far more feasible that a 1/2mg ton mini directional and tactical weapon was used for that and the rest is easy after that.

I was there that day, it was like nothing I ever saw before or dreamt of, it must have been something I could not imagine.

The paper in the hot air is the sure indicator of a very fast and powerful explosion that pulverized the concrete and solid matter yet allows paper to go unaffected. Not a slow burn of thermite.

The videos where you see the cutting charges going off in sequence inside the clouds are amazing aren't they? In the DVD quality they are shocking.

Well, it was nice to find you guys, and thanks to solgrabber as he actually came over to talk to us. I hope we don’t make it too hard to find us as I am on Ricksiegel.comand the 911 eyewitnesses is at and we take email and forum questions very seriously.

Also hope you all come for the weeks Assembly to Restore the Republic in September. A weeklong fest to take back what is ours. We need 10 million people to redress the government. For the event the website is and wont be launched until Alex Jones Conference this weekend.

Best to you all

(Eckolaker: Rick is out here in LA this weekend, and Im going to try and talk to him if I can. I just see this as misinformation right now, as there isnt anything released to support and provide evidence.)