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Thread: Belgian F-16s Intercepted 46 Planes With Circumstances Similar To 9/11 Last Year

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    Belgian F-16s Intercepted 46 Planes With Circumstances Similar To 9/11 Last Year

    Belgian jets intercept 46 '9/11 threats'

    19 June 2006

    BRUSSELS — Belgian F-16 fighter jets intercepted 46 last year and 15 civilian planes this year because no radio contact could be established with the pilots.

    Belgium has placed two F-16s permanently at the disposal of NATO to respond in times of emergencies, news agency Belga reported.

    These incidents can, for example, involve intercepting planes with which no radio contact can be established or planes that have diverted from their official route.

    Defence Minister André Flahaut said Belgian jets had been scrambled 15 times this year alone (up until 20 May). Each incident involved a loss of radio contact with civilian planes.

    Responding by letter to questioning from Liberal VLD MP Ingrid Meeus, the minister also said Belgian F-16s were involved in 46 incidents last year.

    The intervention missions do not cost the Defence Ministry extra money, however, because they are calculated in the ministry's budget.
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