Hello all my fellow pennsylvanians!! I have created a group to actually take some action to help spread the truth. It is called pa 9/11 visibility- right now its posted in meetup.com. Here is the link: http://9-11.meetup.com/254/

If you would rather not go through meetup, simply email me directly at wendi@pa911visibility.com and I will put you on the email list and inform you of our upcoming meetings and events. I'll also be happy to send you the introductory email outlining some of the many points I hope to accomplish.

I need your help, your expertise, your committment to exposing the truth. We need to get something going in the PA area!!

Thanks, Jon for letting me post this. I hope to hear from many of you SOON!!

(NOTE- this is open to all those in the tri state area- so New Jersey and Deleware, feel free to join as well!)