An Independent Media Review of David Kubiak's Speech at the Chicago Revealing the Truth Conference

by Jan Hoyer

David Kubiak's Chicago speech might have been entitled: The Current Situation and HOW TO URGENTLY MOBILIZE PUBLIC OPINION for Revolutionary Change

With an audience of hundreds of 911 truth early risers, the former Executive Directive of gave an impassioned talk about important strategic considerations for this defining period in america's history.

In a fervored pitch, David Kubiak assures listeners that the powers that be will no longer be content to simply ignore the 911 truth movement. Due to 911Truth's Zogby Poll success, the 911 truth movement is now squarely on the radar screen of the rapid response think tanks. He states that significant, organized media focus will be paid to the movement in upcoming months. With slight hesitation, David says "Up until now we've been benignly ignored. I think that in the next few months, unless we take this issue in our hands ourselves, we are r e a l l y going to be bombed".

David reminds activists to focus on the current, mid term and long term issues at hand. One example he cites is to facilitate the 911 truth movement in demanding that all Representatives up for election be required to address the critical 911 truth issue. He calls for creative approaches, in cooperative fashion as well as in competition for the best and brightest ideas.

David states that concrete goals, with measurable results are very important to success. With thoughtful authenticity, David asks listeners to consider, "what is the best possible outcome?"

Serving as a springboard for activist's renewed inspiration, David's speech packed a bundle into a valuable twelve minutes.